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LearnVern Google Analytics Course from Industry Expert

LearnVern Google Analytics course is relevant for businesses both online and offline. SEO interns can do this course to establish themselves in higher positions. It is also good for students and undergraduates to have knowledge of computers. This course can make them eligible for thousands of digital marketing and SEO jobs offered by the best companies.

The course teaches how to set up Google Analytics for your online venture. Students can learn the process of acquiring data from this tool and analyze it to develop marketing campaigns. The LearnVern certification offers full knowledge by covering all concepts such as set up, real-time reports, audience, acquisition, Behavior and conversions. This course available in Hindi helps break the language barriers. It is a self-paced program that can be done without giving up the current job.

Major jobs related to Google Analytics course and average salary

LearnVern Google Analytics course can be done by graduates as well as undergraduates. Students having computer knowledge and the internet can also do this course. LearnVern provides a certificate at the end of the course, recognized by the Govt. of India, which is quite beneficial while applying for jobs. Individual contributors like freelancers and entrepreneurs can also do this course.

Job roles mapped for this course and average salary per month are:

  • Google Analytics Developer: 45k-50k approx.
  • Digital Marketing Analyst: 25k-30k approx. 
  • Digital Marketing Executive: 20k and higher depending on experience

Freelancers and entrepreneurs also do this course to analyse customer behavior, and interaction with the online venture. 

What you will learn in LearnVern free Google Analytics Certification

Google Data Analytics Course at LearnVern is useful for understanding business performance online. It is a step-by-step tutorial that takes you to all concepts such as set up, behavior analysis, acquisition, conversion, etc. The course provides a working knowledge of how to set up this tool for a website and how to read results.

Important modules of Google Analytics for beginners course are:

  • Google Analytics –Introduction
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Real-time feature
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior & Conversions

Who should be taking the Free Google Analytics Tutorial Hindi Course?

Learn Google Analytics in Hindi from industry experts at LearnVern. The course can teach about dimensions, metrics, and other technical points and help you prepare Google Analytics Interview questions. The best candidates for this course are:

  • Graduates
  • Entrepreneurs who want to analyze website
  • SEO interns
  • Digital marketing interns

At the end of the course, you will have a working knowledge of Google web analytics. Using it, you may analyze a website and design a marketing campaign.

Why Google Analytics Course at LearnVern is industry-relevant

Google Analytics training at LearnVern aims at providing practical knowledge. This certification course trains learners for jobs in digital marketing agencies, internet marketing companies, and development companies. Web development companies providing an end-to-end solution to clients can pick the tool experts to provide SEO services. The course is industry-relevant because understanding customer behavior is essential for e-commerce and online businesses which are quite in demand these days.

Next steps to learning Google Analytics Course at LearnVern

LearnVern Google Analytics free course trains candidates for various job roles. Students can understand how to do competitor analysis, analysis of traffic insights, customer behavior etc. The other courses that you can do after this training are: 

  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

These courses are also available at LearnVern and are absolutely free. The course also provides a certificate that can grab job roles of a digital marketer, SEO analyst, Google Developer, etc.

Why LearnVern for Google Analytics course in Hindi

LearnVern’s USP is providing skill development courses in Hindi. It suits the learning needs of candidates who are comfortable with vernacular languages. Thus, the language barriers melt away while joining this course at LearnVern. The course teaches in detail how to promote your product online. Thus, entrepreneurs can learn how to reach more audiences and increase conversions.

The LearnVern Google Analytics course for beginners helps learn basics and their application. This course is designed in a self-paced manner. The candidates can do it as per their convenience as the membership offers lifetime access to course materials, video tutorials and training modules.

There is a discussion board provided where the learners can ask questions, share the knowledge gained by connecting with fellow students. Assignment and quiz provided at the end of the tutorial help assess proficiency level.

On successful training, LearnVern offers National Skills Development Corporation Certificate to Google Analytics course seekers. This certificate is quite helpful in qualifying for a job with bigger pay packages. LearnVern e-learning platform is compatible with both iOS and Android and is accessible on all devices. You can also access the course through the app and learn this tool anywhere, anytime.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Paid Ads Marketing
  • SEO Executive

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Google Analytics course by LearnVern requires basic knowledge of computers and the internet. There is no technical expertise required. Students from all streams can take this course as an additional skill to learn. Access to a mobile phone can help you join this course from anywhere, anytime.

LearnVern is a unique online learning resource that ensures imparting full knowledge on skills trending among recruiters. The courses here aim at making Indian Youth skilled to become eligible for various jobs. Also, the courses are available at no hidden cost. All learning materials and tutorials are provided in Hindi and other vernacular languages, which eases learning for people from all backgrounds. The course provides a govt. recognized National Skills Development Corporation Certificate that adds to the credibility of applicants.


LearnVern Google Analytics course in Hindi offers complete know-how of using this Google tool. Learners can learn how to use this tool for business promotion. The course teaches how to set up the tool for a website. It also trains on working of this tool by giving knowledge of how to filter bot traffic, how to create goals, etc. On completion of this course, the learners can promote their website correctly and earn an online audience.

Google Analytics is used for understanding audience interaction with the website. It is quite useful for e-commerce to increase conversions and sales. The tool proves its utility in real-time analysis, audience and conversion, tracking phone calls and also for filtering bot traffic. All these activities can be mastered by doing an online LearnVern Google Analytics course for beginners.

LearnVern offers Google Analytics training in a step-by-step manner. The candidates can show proficiency in using this tool and present results to clients. This tool can help generate user profiles which allow designing better marketing campaigns. Students can benefit from this training as digital marketing agencies hire Google Analytics developers for better results. This training at LearnVern offers a National Skills Development Corporation certificate that improves the chances of getting jobs. Also, you can start a venture of your own by doing this course along with SEO.

LearnVern Google Analytics training is available for all. You may be a student, a graduate or an entrepreneur to join this training program. It is not essential to be conversant in English, too, as the course is designed in Hindi and vernacular languages. LearnVern course is also beneficial for SEO beginners or digital marketing interns who want to add more skills to their profile to gain better roles.

LearnVern Google Analytics course provides a National Skills Development Corporation certificate. This certificate proves beneficial in getting selected for jobs. The course teaches all the tool basics and provides practical knowledge. Thus, the candidates can prepare for interview questions better and rise above the competition. The course helps in jobs like digital marketing analyst, SEO analyst, and internet marketing specialists. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from this course as it helps improve their online presence.

Google Analytics certification course from LearnVern prepares candidates for several courses relevant for online marketers and SEO specialists. After this certification, the other courses to do are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console

LearnVern Google Analytics course provides a working knowledge of using this tool. The dashboard overview familiarizes students with all features of the tool. Training is provided to ensure easy setup of this tool on your website. Technical terms like dimension, metric, bot traffic, etc. are also taught. Other activities learned are:

  • How to create goals
  • How to filter bot traffic
  • How to enable demo account
  • How to track phone calls
  • How to set up e-commerce Google Analytics

Thus, complete working knowledge of the tool is provided to learners so that companies can depend on them for an online promotion strategy.

LearnVern Google Analytics course is suitable for all. This course accommodates entrepreneurs, students, graduates, interns, etc. The candidates can take this course in a self-paced manner. The course is accessible on all devices. You may connect with fellow learners to discuss queries and solve problems on the discussion board. The course certificate is govt. recognized; hence, it proves beneficial in the job search. LearnVern does not charge anything, making it easy for everyone to learn new skills.

Google Analytics - Get Analytics Certified

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