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Recruiter Certificate and Training Course Online in Hindi

The demand for recruitment professionals has increased by 63% in recent times. Companies need qualified professionals who understand the jobs’ requirements and the legalities quite well. They expand their HR teams to meet the process requirements and also to have a coordinated way of working in place.

With the correct training and guidance available at LearnVern, you can train yourself for a flourishing recruitment career. The course at LearnVern offers end-to-end learning and allows students to acquire recruitment skills in a self-paced manner.

Learn all concepts related to how to recruit in Hindi from industry experts. You can find in this course the core concepts like Talent Sourcing, employee selection, workforce planning, recruitment process, etc. Thus, be job-ready for HR positions that come with a good salary and high reputation by joining the LearnVern Recruiter Certification and Training Course today!

Job opportunities after doing Recruiter Certification and Training Course and Salary Data

Recruiting professionals is one of the prime responsibilities of the HR department in a company. The professionals interested in learning the talent sourcing process from start to end can benefit from the recruitment training. They become eligible for various posts in the HR field, such as:

  • Recruitment consultant: up to Rs. 4 lakhs annually
  • HR Executive: up to 5 lakhs annually
  • HR Manager: up to 9 lakhs annually

You may also work as an independent HR services provider or Payroll Consultant by applying learnings of this Recruiter Certification training from LearnVern. Entrepreneurs can understand the technicalities behind hiring a team and have the best hands to assist them in their businesses.

Free Recruiter Certification and Training Course in Hindi Details

LearnVern offers you the best training platform to enhance your HR recruiter skills. This online learning support is the best option to reach while searching for the most time-relevant Recruitment Courses in Hindi. The students can get complete knowledge of how to recruit professionals for various companies through a detailed tutorial that covers modules, such as:

  • Job Analysis 
  • Strategic Staffing Concepts and Models
  • Staffing Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Designing Recruitment Brochure
  • Recruiting Source Types
  • Recruitment Policy and Legal Framework, etc.

Who should be taking the Recruiter Certification and Training Course?

The LearnVern Recruiter Certification and Training Course is ideal for students who have an interest in HR activities. The professionals who want to apply for higher positions and earn bigger pay packages can join this course to attain working knowledge. The program is designed for:

  • Management students studying HR course
  • Entrepreneurs interested in learning the recruitment process
  • Freelancers who want to work as Recruitment Consultants
  • Aspirants of Payroll Management jobs

Why is the Recruiter Certification and Training Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The LearnVern Recruitment Training Tutorial offers end-to-end learning to the aspirants who want to learn the complete talent sourcing and acquisition process. The tutorial teaches in a stepwise manner various aspects of pre-recruitment preparations, interviewing and selection process, and post-recruitment functions. Thus, the students can have a complete working knowledge of how the HR management department carries out the hiring process. Since all modules collectively prepare for a day at work in the HR department, this training program is quite industry-relevant.

Next steps to learn Recruiter Certification and Training Course

Recruiter skills development can be a stepping stone to a flourishing career in the Human Resource Development department. The companies hire trained professionals who can take the responsibilities with ease. On completing the recruiter training at LearnVern, you can become eligible for high-paying jobs as a human resource specialist. 

Some of the career opportunities to avail after gaining knowledge from the LearnVern recruitment training are:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • HR Executive
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist, etc.

If you have good networking skills, you can couple those with a Recruiter Certification course’s learning and start a career as a Placement Consultant too. 

Other training programs that can help you have better working opportunities are:

  • Soft skills
  • Business English

These skills help you have strong communication and management skills needed for handling people and working as an HR professional.

Why LearnVern for Recruiter Certification Training

LearnVern is the most promising training support available for students, job holders, and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their skills. The Recruiter Certification and Training Course from LearnVern is designed by industry experts who have vast experience in the HR field.

This e-learning platform allows users to take courses in a self-paced manner. They can access the tutorials on their iOS and Android devices and revisit them multiple times till they attain perfection. LearnVern’s tutorials can also be the case on TV screens for better learning.

LearnVern awards a certificate from the National Skill Development Corporation on completion of the courses. This certificate is a stamp of credibility and empowers students with qualifications needed for better-paying jobs.

LearnVern offers recruitment training in Hindi to help students be comfortable with the Hindi medium of instruction. Also, it offers courses free of cost so that students from all financial backgrounds can add more to their skills. 

Unlimited access to tutorials, assignments, and quizzes is provided to students to have an in-classroom experience. 

All these features make LearnVern an ideal platform for enhancing skills and being job-ready. So, why wait any further? Enroll in the Recruitment Certification training program and train yourself to get readily picked by the top companies.

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  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resources
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Anyone can do the Recruiter Certification Training course from LearnVern. An internet-enabled device can help students have uninterrupted access to the video tutorial.

More than 1,00,000 students have joined LearnVern and benefitted from the self-paced learning that helps them become skilled for all jobs. LearnVern offers the benefits such as:

  • Best trainers to provide industry-relevant learning

  • All courses designed in Hindi

  • Self-paced courses to help students learn without losing their jobs 

  • Free of cost online programs available on iOS and Android de


LearnVern traverses the students through all processes that comprise the pre-and post-employment phase. Its introductory module on recruitment training provides complete knowledge and understanding and fairly answers the question, ‘what is recruitment?’ The trainers explain in detail every aspect of the recruiting process and help understand that only taking interviews does not comprise the complete talent acquisition process.

The recruitment process comprises job analysis, project requirement analysis, employee budgeting, selection process, and compliance with legalities. It is a step-by-step process that can be understood completely by joining the LearnVern Recruitment Training Tutorial. All modules are designed in a job-oriented manner to offer a complete understanding of the recruitment process to the candidates at LearnVern.

LearnVern’s tutorial discusses questions like ‘what are the recent trends in recruitment’, how screening works, how to recruit employees etc. It is not merely a tutorial that explains the conceptual definition but has lots of examples and case studies to impart job-oriented training to the students.

Screening is the process where the job applications are filtered to find the candidates who best complement the job’s requirements. It is an essential part of the recruitment process. In the LearnVern Recruiter Certification and Training Course, a module is dedicated to explaining this process.

A unique feature of the LearnVern Recruiter Training and Certification Course is that it is available free of cost. Hence, you need not pay anything to join this training program.

LearnVern’s Recruiter Certification Training Course comes with various learner-friendly features. The students get lifetime access to the course materials, articles, and downloadable content such as study guides on registering with this e-learning platform. 

All programs are explained in Hindi through video tutorials here. The tutorial is available for repeated access. The students also get a discussion board to post queries and discuss the topic with other students. 

At the end of the tutorial, the learners get assignments and quizzes for knowledge check. On completion of the course, the National Skill Development Corporation Certificate is also provided to the students.

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