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Effective ways of setting up Facebook marketing for your business

Different Ways of Setting up Facebook Marketing for Business

In this video we are going to learn that what are the effective ways of setting up Facebook Marketing for Business purpose.

We can add Posts in different types in our Facebook page like simple photo or video, get whatsapp messages, get messages, Raise money, Check in, Watch Party, Get Gift card purchases & etc... We can even go live on our Facebook page & it is one of the highest engaging activity because it will notify all of our audience that we have gone live. Also we can share Events (online/offline) where we have gathered many people. Similarly we can post for Job offer.

Post Type on Facebook :
- Text Post
- Images
- GIFs
- Carousels (Multiple Images)
- Video
- FB Story
- FB Live
- FB Watch Party
- FB Check-In

Now we will go to Facebook and create one post. As we click on Create Post option, a dialogue box will get opened in front of us asking to add photos/videos. We can even connect WhatsApp chat here with post where people can directly message us, for that we need to enter the associated number.

While adding any type of post on Facebook page, we should never forget to use hashtags. Using hashtags can be very beneficial and can provide our page very large organic reach.

Now we will post with adding Feeling/Activity option. When we do that we will be asked to choose any one emotion out of number of ones which resites our feeling. Similarly we can add our post showing certain activities like watching, listening to, attending, thinking about, etc...

Now we'll see how Watch Party option is used for posting. Here we can add a video from Facebook's pre-build inventory and show it to our audience. It is similar to posting a simple video but in this case a notification will be send to all of our followers that we are asking to 'Watch Party'.

5 Types of Content on Facebook :
- Helpful (we should make content which are helpful for others in any way and not harmful or rude)
- Motivation (people are joining with our brand because we inspire them, we should give a reason for inspiration to our audience like by doing Food donation or other charity)
- Entertainment (every content which we make should always be entertaining to others which increases our chances of people sharing that post and hence getting higher engagement)
- Information (make content which are informative & provide accurate information in it which can be helpful and shareable to others)
- Current Affairs

Following are some of the Content ideas which we should focus on for our Facebook page :
- Long Haul Content (evergreen content which we can post anytime, irrespective of time)
- Client Testimonials
- Long Videos (making so short videos are not that much effective, therefore prefer long informative videos for people's engagement)
- Listicles (multiple information which we provide at one go like 10 best hairstyles of 2021, 10 yoga poses to loose weight & etc...)
- Short videos
- Cricket or Bollywood (In India this two topics are evergreen and we can post about this anytime, it will get viral & never deminish)


There are many metrics that can be used to measure the success of your Facebook marketing strategy. Here are some of the most common ones: - Number of new leads generated on Facebook - Number of leads converted into customers - Percentage of revenue generated from Facebook ads - Average cost per lead (CPL) on Facebook - Conversion rate (percentage) for Facebook ads

Facebook is the most popular social network with 2.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs). Facebook has its own built-in promotional tools which you can use to promote your business. The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook page for your business. You can create a personal profile page for this, but if you do so, you will not be able to access some of the promotional tools that are only available to pages or brands. Facebook's Promote feature will allow you to get more reach and engagement on your posts by targeting specific audiences, such as people in a country or city near where your business is located, people who like other pages related to your industry, and people who have liked your page in the past.

Facebook is a free social networking site, so you don't have to buy a business page to promote your brand. Facebook has a variety of advertising options that can be very cost-effective for small businesses. If you're looking for the best way to market your company on Facebook, these tips will help. If you're not sure how to start, here are some basic guidelines: 1. Create an original and eye-catching cover photo that will grab people's attention and make them want to click on your page; 2.Make sure your posts are interesting and informative; 3.Give people the chance to like or comment on posts; 4.Create an event and invite people via email or Facebook Messenger; 5.Join groups related to your industry.

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