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How to use SEO Tool - Moz

In today's video our topic is Moz - The digital marketing tool. In Digital Marketing tools are very important because they are only Intelligence which make us succeed. Earlier Moz was known as 'SEOMoz' but now it is rebranded and named as 'Moz' only.

Moz is an paid tool with monthly subscription of 149 dollars, but it also gives you a 30 day free trial which can help you get an idea of this tool for further usage.

We have subscribed 30 days free trial & in the dashboard section we can see different things like some menu options available on the left hand side, Search visibility section on below, External Links, Domain Authority & etc...

Now we will see the 'Analyze Keyword' option. Here we can add any keyword and the tool will analyse and track that particular keyword according to its ranking position and other factors. We can easily see that which websites are ranking on the particular keyword in SERP analysis section. We will also be shown keyword difficulty, scoring from 0 (easy) to 100(difficult). If we want to target any easy keyword we can do that with the help of Keyword difficulty meter.

SERP features section show us that which keywords of ours are ranking and at what rank.

Page optimisation option helps us to optimise a page for higher ranking or to improve your ranking. We just need to enter the URL of our page and the keyword which we are optimising. It will show us different page factors and the factors that are bad for our page and what we need to improve.

Another option which we can see in the menu section is 'Site crawl'. The Moz crawler will visit our website and show us what are the issues that we have got in our website and why some pages are not ranking.

The next option is very important for us and that is 'Links'. It has many other similar options like Inbound Links, Linking Domains, Anchor Text, Top Pages, Spam Score etc... It will show us that where are our website's links inbounded.

The main option which we have here is 'Keyword Research'. Whichever keyboard we need to explore, we can enter it in keyword search section, and the tool will show us its monthly volume, difficulty, organic CTR, priority, other keyword suggestions, & it's SERP analysis which will get us an idea that which websites are ranking for that keyword.

After that we have an importance option that is 'Link Research'. From this we can get idea of our link's ranking keywords, domain authority, linking domains, inbound links, follow links etc... & we can also export the CSV file, Moz tool will allow us to download everything about that link. It will get a complete overview about backlinks for the link we explored.

Hence, this was a complete tutorial for Moz SEO tool, we have seen that how the tool works, how we need to work with it & use all the available features & many more.

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