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How to use VLOOKUP Exact function

As we have seen what is vlookup function in MS Excel, we know that it has another Exact vlookup function. So now we will see that.

Suppose we have two tables with data in it, and we have to enter any particular column with same data in front of a column from another table, than we will use exact vlookup function as, '=vlookup(A2,A:B,2,False' where A2 is Names of an employee, and A:B is Names and department of the employee written in another table.

So this will give you us our required result that is it will give was the name of department according to the name of the employee in table 1.

To apply this to every row we can drag our implemented cell.


The VLOOKUP function in Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to find data in a spreadsheet, for example, to find the total sales for January across the range of months. It's also used in formulas that compute totals, averages, or percentages or return text values.VLOOKUP is a simple function in Excel that lets you find information from one table in another. The function looks up a value from the top row of an array and returns the corresponding value from a range of cells in a table. VLOOKUP in Excel is a VLOOKUP function that makes finding data easier and faster than ever. This easy-to-use function is one of the most popular and widely used functions in Excel.

VLOOKUP is a function in Excel that searches for a value in a table and returns the corresponding row and column reference. There are 3 different ways to use the VLOOKUP function: 1. When you only need the row number, enter "=VLOOKUP(" into cell A1 and put the value in cell B1 2. When you need both the row number and column number, enter "=VLOOKUP(B1," into cell A2 and put the value in cell C2 3. When you need both the row number and column name, enter "=VLOOKUP(B2," into cell A3 and put the value in cell C3. The VLOOKUP formula is used to retrieve a specific value in a table and is one of the most common formula types in Excel.

A Vlookup formula is an Excel function that can be used to find a value in one table and display it in another. The formula syntax looks like this: =VLookup("Table A","Value") For example, let’s say we want to find the price of a product for a particular customer. We could enter the following formula: =VLookup("Cust_ID","Unit Price") This would return the value for the customer with ID #1 (a different customer than the one who input this formula).

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