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Sharing Workbook in MS Excel

How do I share an Excel Spreadsheet in Google Drive

Now we will see that how can we share an Excel spreadsheet in Google drive.

For this we will use an option which is present in our REVIEW tab, i.e. Share Workbook.

When we click that we will see an option of sharing workbook with others, we need to checkbox that option true, now our workbook will be shared with any other person according to our preference who can make changes inside this spreadsheet.

Now again if we go to share workbook option, we can see another column for advanced options, which has track changes option, update changes option, controlling changes between users option etc...

Here we can select any option according to our requirement and then can share this workbook with any of our colleagues or users working on this file.


Our effective, easy-to-use Excel workbook allows you to reach out and share your work with others. It includes a Review tab that allows you to review changes made by people; a Changes group that allows multiple people to edit at the same time; and an Editing tab that allows only one person to edit at a time. Share workbook in excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to create a workbook with the changes saved automatically.

Transfer your Excel file to multiple users by using Excel Web Access. You can also use it to share files with other people. It is possible to share the same workbook among multiple users. But if you want to share your workbook with other people, you have two options- one is to create a shared workbook and the second option is sharing an individual worksheet within a shared workbook.Microsoft Excel has a very simple track changes feature that allows multiple people to collaborate on a spreadsheet. If you are looking for different ways to make track changes in Excel, here are the four most popular methods of doing so. 1. Track Changes button 2. Use of VBA macro 3. Goto command 4. No action taken

Google Drive has a great function called "Create" for Microsoft Excel files. The function lets you create an Excel file from the sheets in your Google Drive. Just go to, select "Create" and then click "Share". You can then share your spreadsheet with anyone you want. There are a few ways to share an excel spreadsheet in Google Drive. It can be done through sharing a link, copying the URL from the clipboard, or by embedding it into the document.

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