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Securing Workbook in MS Excel

How to Securely Password Protect an Excel workbook

Now in this video we will see that how we can secure our workbook by a password protection. This means that when we are working on any workbook with many people we want only few people to be able to edit things inside it.

When we are working on our workbook and then when we want to save it we go to 'save as' option, where we will see 'Tools' option located on the right bottom side of the 'save as' window. When we go to the tools option we can see general option, and when we open it we will see that we are asked two passwords, one for opening file and another for modifying in that file.

So according to our requirement we will provide password and save our Excel workbook.

Now when anyone else will try to open our work book, it will ask for password.


The benefits of securing a workbook in MS Excel are:

  • It helps protect sensitive information from unauthorized access
  • It helps reduce the risk of errors by providing a backup copy of your workbook
  • It allows you to share your files with other people

Here are a few tips to help secure your workbook in MS Excel:

  • Make sure you save the file often
  • Use a password and make it hard for people to guess
  • Lock the workbook if you're not using it
  • Protect the file with a password if you're sharing it with others

A user can also lock the workbook to prevent other users from making changes to it. To do this, open the file and select File > Protect Workbook > Lock Workbook for viewing only > OK.

The best practices for securing a workbook in MS Excel are as follows:

  • Create a password to protect your workbook.
  • Use the "Protect Workbook" command to set up a password.
  • Lock the workbook and protect it from being edited.
  • If you are saving your workbook as a .xls file, encrypt it with 128-bit AES encryption.

If you forgot your password for MS Excel, the first thing you should do is reset it. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Click File from the top menu bar.
  • Go to Options and click on the Security tab.
  • Click on the "Reset Password" button and type in your old password to confirm that you want to change it.
  • Type in a new password (make sure it is not easy to guess).
  • Type in your new password again, so that there are two passwords now.
  • Click "OK".

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