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Printing in MS Excel

How to set print area in MS Excel

Now we will see that how we can set print area in MS Excel.

So when we want to print our Excel sheet, first thing which we will do is press 'Ctrl+P' and see the print preview. As soon as we press the shortcut key we can see a new window open up on our screen which will give us our print preview. To exceed print preview we just need to press 'Esc' key from our keyboard.

We can also see print preview of our Excel sheet from quick access toolbar, we just need to add print preview from the list of quick access toolbar and an icon of print preview will be generated.

Print preview helps us to get idea that how our print will look like. We can change the orientation of our print from PAGE LAYOUT tab, from landscape to portrait or vice versa.

Suppose if we want to print the selected area only, then we can go to page layout tab and select Page area column and mark 'Set Page Area'. After that if we will see print preview then only selected part will be shown.

We can also hide the columns and rows which we do not want to print.

To keep the title constant on every pages we can use 'Print titles' option from page layout tab.

We can also use header and footer tools in our Excel sheet bye going to Page Layout from status bar, which will give us different options to add in header and footer like current time, current date, number of pages, total number of pages till now, etc...


Excel is a powerful tool for working with numbers, formulas, and formatting. Now, it's even easier to print your worksheets with the new Print function. Just select the worksheet that you want to print, click File > Print, move over to the Print dialog box, and adjust the settings. Print function in Excel is a powerful and easy-to-use feature that allows you to print a single worksheet or all sheets in a workbook.

The print area in MS Excel is the area that appears on your screen when you print charts, tables, images, or text. For example, if the print area is set to A1 for your text and B3 for your image or chart, it will appear on each cell within the range A1:B3. The smaller the number of cells in this range, the smaller the printed size of these objects will be. Setting a print area ensures that anything you drop into Microsoft Excel will not be cut off at either side or anywhere else along its length when it's printed out. The smaller number of cells in this range also ensures that page breaks are not seen when printing out multiple pages. There are two ways to set up an area to print. You can choose to do it on your computer or mobile device if you are using a digital printer. If you are printing on a desktop or laptop computer, the following steps will help you design your document for printing. Choose File, then Print.In Microsoft Excel, there are two ways to set a print area for a given cell. One involves calculating the size of the desired print area and then enter it as a number in the formula bar. The other method involves selecting a range of cells and then clicking on "Format" > "Page Setup > Print Area." The method involving using the formula bar is easier but only applies to cells that have formulas in them.

The solution to the problem of printing large Excel spreadsheets on one sheet is to use conditional formatting. Conditional formatting is an Excel feature that allows you to apply different styles and formats (font, color) based on certain criteria. The most common conditional formatting rules are based on values in cells. To set conditional formatting for your spreadsheet, select your entire spreadsheet and go to the Home tab > Conditional Formatting > New Rule. For this example, let's say you want everything in cells A1:A10 printed in black font, while anything below a value of 100 printed in red font. In Cell B1, enter a formula like this: = A1-100/10.

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