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How to copy and delete sheet in MS Excel

Now suppose if we want to move our worksheet before and after another worksheet in status bar, we can simply drag it according to our requirement.

Now suppose if we want to copy any worksheet with same structure in same layout to another worksheet then we can right click on that particular workbook name and select copy option which will create a new same structured workbook. And then move that copied file according to our requirement to another workbook.

Suppose if we want to insert a particular row in all the three or four sheets at once, than we can press 'Shift' key and select all the worksheets together and then we can insert a row in any one of the workbook which will automatically insert row in every workbook.

Similarly we can delete any row by selecting all of the worksheet together at once.

Now suppose if we want to ungroup all the grouped worksheets, we can just simply right click on any worksheet in status bar and select ungroup worksheet option.


To copy sheets, follow these steps: It's easy to copy worksheets so you can start over or compare your work to everyone else. Just right-click on the sheet tab and select Move or Copy. Select the Create a copy checkbox under the Before sheet. Under where you want to place the copy, select where you want to put it. When done, just click OK. Copy sheet in Excel makes it easy for you to copy formulas, charts, and PivotTables to other Excel files with minimal effort. To delete sheets, you have to: Delete sheets in Excel to save time & documents while eliminating the risk of overwriting important data. Or, select the sheet, right-click the Home tab, select Delete Sheet, and then click Delete.

When you insert a workbook in Excel, you might want to delete the same workbook later. For example, if your company needs to process invoices, you can insert a workbook of invoices and then delete the one that is already there. However, if you accidentally deleted it without realizing this during this process or after words, here's how you can get it back. Inserting and deleting workbooks in Excel is easy with one method: by using the Tools > Options > Advanced menu.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most-used software for data analysis. It has a wide range of applications and can handle large amounts of data. However, it also has a few drawbacks that make the task of deleting a workbook easier for some users. To delete your workbook, follow these steps: 1. Click on the file you want to delete. 2. On the top right of the screen, next to "File," click on "Delete." 3. A window will pop up and ask you if you want to permanently delete or just move it out of the way. Make your selection and click "OK."

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