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Copy & Delete Sheets in MS Excel

How to copy and delete sheet in MS Excel

Now suppose if we want to move our worksheet before and after another worksheet in status bar, we can simply drag it according to our requirement.

Now suppose if we want to copy any worksheet with same structure in same layout to another worksheet then we can right click on that particular workbook name and select copy option which will create a new same structured workbook. And then move that copied file according to our requirement to another workbook.

Suppose if we want to insert a particular row in all the three or four sheets at once, than we can press 'Shift' key and select all the worksheets together and then we can insert a row in any one of the workbook which will automatically insert row in every workbook.

Similarly we can delete any row by selecting all of the worksheet together at once.

Now suppose if we want to ungroup all the grouped worksheets, we can just simply right click on any worksheet in status bar and select ungroup worksheet option.


  • All of the data on the spreadsheet should be selected. Keyboard shortcut: On the keyboard, press CTRL+Spacebar, then Shift+Spacebar.
  • By hitting CTRL+C, you can copy all of the data on the sheet.
  • To create a new blank worksheet, click the plus sign.
  • To paste the data, click the first cell in the new sheet and hit CTRL+V.

Yes, it is possible to delete some sheets in a copy and delete sheet. The user can select the desired sheets and then click on the Delete option from the menu bar.

The Copy Sheet command copies all of the data in a sheet or worksheet to another sheet or worksheet. The Delete Sheet command deletes an entire sheet from the workbook.

Copy & Delete Sheets is a feature in MS Excel that can be used to delete sheets or worksheets from the workbook without deleting the data or formatting. This is helpful when you want to save space on your hard drive by deleting old sheets and it also allows you to delete a sheet without having to re-enter all of the data.

The best way to use copy and delete sheets is by utilizing them as templates for different types of content that you want to generate - blog posts, web pages, articles etc.

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