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Undo-Redo in MS Excel

How To Use Undo-Redo


Now we will see that how we can use undo and redo function in MS Excel.


Undo is the most used functionality in MS Excel, when we are entering any data in our excel sheet we sometimes make small mistakes, so to clear that one step mistake we use Undo.


Shortcut for using undo is 'Ctrl+Z'. Undo is located in quick access toolbar.


In quick access toolbar we will see undo icon, beside which there will be a small down arrow, when we hover on that it will show us that which particular action we want to undo.


Similarly redo icon is there in right of undo which is used to undo the action done by undo.


One thing which should be kept in mind while using undo and redo option is that we can only use this functionality while we're doing data entry. If we have done any mistake in sheet tab than it can't be undo or redo.


In Excel, the undo button returns your worksheet to the state it was in right before you took the most recent action. Redo has the reverse effect of undoing what you've just undone, such as deleting something by accident.

The undo function can be used to undo a mistake, such as erasing the incorrect word from a phrase. Any actions that were previously undone using the undo function are restored using the redo function. This capability is sometimes referred to as a reverse undo.

Excel will transition back to the income statement and undo the previous modification there if you hit Ctrl+Z to utilise Undo.

Press Ctrl+Y or F4 to redo something you've undone. (If pressing F4 doesn't seem to work, try pressing F-Lock or Fn, then F4). Click Redo on the Quick Access toolbar if you want to use the mouse.

There is no way to undo an undo. If you have accidentally undone something and want to get back to it, you will have to undo your latest action.

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