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Undo-Redo in MS Excel

How To Use Undo-Redo


Now we will see that how we can use undo and redo function in MS Excel.


Undo is the most used functionality in MS Excel, when we are entering any data in our excel sheet we sometimes make small mistakes, so to clear that one step mistake we use Undo.


Shortcut for using undo is 'Ctrl+Z'. Undo is located in quick access toolbar.


In quick access toolbar we will see undo icon, beside which there will be a small down arrow, when we hover on that it will show us that which particular action we want to undo.


Similarly redo icon is there in right of undo which is used to undo the action done by undo.


One thing which should be kept in mind while using undo and redo option is that we can only use this functionality while we're doing data entry. If we have done any mistake in sheet tab than it can't be undo or redo.


The undo-redo function is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly go back to earlier changes. It's the default option in the MS Excel 2016 ribbon menu. Undo can be done by simply pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard. Redo can be done by pressing Ctrl + Y. There are different shortcuts for undo-redo depending on your screen size or region settings. The undo-redo function has saved many hours of work for many people, but it's also caused confusion and frustration when it doesn't behave as expected, so Microsoft released an online guide with instructions on how to use the feature properly.

Undo-Redo saves your work and allows you to go back to a previous version of your work. It is also helpful when you want to move cells around or insert additional rows and columns. Undo-Redo is a handy feature in MS Excel that lets you undo the last action, either by clicking the undo button or typing CTRL+Z. If you need to undo more than one action, type CTRL+Y and then press any number on the keyboard for an individual undo. For example, if you accidentally delete all of your data, type CTRL+Y followed by 3. This will undo the last action and bring back your data before it was deleted.

To Undo, follow the steps: 1. Click the File tab on the ribbon and select Options from it. 2. Scroll down and expand the Save options section and click the Proofing tab on it. 3. In the left column, select Undo changes in this document only, then click the Options button which is under the heading more options. 4. In the General Options section, check to Remember previous versions of the worksheet before saving the option and click the OK button twice to close the window. 5. Now you can undo changes without restarting or closing your workbook by pressing Ctrl+Z keys simultaneously while your workbook is active on the screen. To Redo: Click on File>Options>Page Setup>Formatting and choose Design Tab. Select the option "Has its own style sheet" and then click OK. Go to File > Save As > select Microsoft Excel 2016 > select .xlsx format from the drop-down menu of save as type, then name your file accordingly.

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