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Find Replace in MS Excel

How do I Create a Data Entry Form

Now after seeing basic applications of MS Excel we will see important feature of it that is Data Entry form.

Now to maintain data in our Excel sheet we use data entry form.

First of all we will write avoid required data in any cell and then press enter to go to the next row with same column.

To correct any mistake with we did in writing the data can be done by correcting it from formula bar or by double clicking on that particular cell, this will bring the cursor in that cell so we can edit.

Suppose if we are entering any numerical data, and in place of zero we write capital 'O', then that particular cell will be left aligned while all other correct cell with be right aligned. In MS Excel whenever we write any particular number or formula then it will be right aligned, and when any character or spelling then it will be left aligned. So this can make us aware that we have made some mistake in this particular cell and we need to correct it.

Now if we want to move our sale towards right then we need to 'Tab' key from our keyboard after entering the data.


Find and Replace is a powerful tool in MS Excel that can be used for advanced data manipulation. It allows users to find and replace text in cells or ranges of cells, based on the criteria specified by the user.

Successful replacement is when the replaced individual is able to find a new job that they are happy with, or at least one that pays them just as much.

Find and Replace is a function that allows the user to search for a certain text string and replace it with another one. There are two ways to do Find and Replace in Excel. The first is by using the Find & Replace dialogue box, which can be accessed by pressing CTRL+H or choosing Home > Find & Replace from the top menu bar. The second way is to use the Find & Replace function, which can be accessed by pressing CTRL+F or choosing Home > Find & Replace from the top menu bar.

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