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The function in Excel is a shortcut to help you quickly and easily perform mathematical, statistical, and logical operations. Whether you're a student or an office professional, we got you covered with hundreds of pre-set formulas. "Function In Excel" lets you type the equals sign (=), and enter the desired function name, then enter a cell range for the argument inside parentheses, and then press Enter on your keyboard to get the result.

The insert function in Excel is a great tool for the user to quickly and easily add data to their worksheet. It can be used to create formulas or to copy and paste text in a format that is convenient for the user.An insert function in Excel is a feature that allows users to add additional rows in an Excel spreadsheet. It can also be used to insert rows or columns into existing cells in a worksheet.

Excel formulas are the tool that many spreadsheet users use to manipulate their data. They can be used to create graphs, calculate savings, and even do calculations for work. By using the formula =A1-B2, you can subtract one cell from another. If you type in "=$A1-B2" in the top left corner of the cell, it will automatically fill with the number 1. To subtract two cells at a time, type "=$A1-$B2" into the top left corner of each cell and then press enter. The number 2 will automatically fill into both cells.

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