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Formula Bar in Excel

Formula Bar


Now we'll see about Formula bar, it is located just below the ribbon section. In formula bar we are shown information about our active cell.


So by using keyboard or mouse we select different active cells and what information is stored in it, it is viewed by formula bar.


In formula bar whether it's the value or information of active cell, it is shown.


We can also change the value of our cell from formula bar by typing in formula bar and it will directly reflect that to our active cell.


The formula bar is a place to type formulas, which are equations that define how the cells in a spreadsheet are calculated. The formula bar is located below the ribbon and above the worksheet. It appears only when you select an empty cell or when you select a cell and start typing.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter will insert an entire equation in one go. Ctrl+Enter will insert an entire sentence in one go. Ctrl+Space will automatically complete a word in a cell with a suggested word from the list of words that you have recently used or typed into the same column.

If you want to calculate the total value of an array of numbers, you can use the SUM function.

For example, to calculate the total value of cells A1 through A5:

  • =SUM(A1:A5)
  • The SUM function will return 225.

The first method is to type the formula in the Formula Bar and press Enter. The second method is to select the cells that contain the data you want to use in your formula, and then type your formula in the Formula Bar. The third method is to select cells that contain data you want to use in your formula, and then right-click on these cells and select "Insert Function".

Insert Function is a function that is built in-line with the spreadsheet. A formula is a function that resides in a cell and is not connected to any other cells.

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