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Creating Formula in MS Excel

How to create MS Excel formula


Now we will see the most important feature of MS Excel that is 'Formula'.


Formula is usually use to make our work easy.


As on our screen there are different sales and expenses of different months, and now we want to calculate the profit, so for that we will just write the formula for it by using cell's location.


For example, cell b2=180, and cell b3=160, than we write tye formula as '=b2-b3' on our desirable cell where we want the answer of it.


Now suppose if you want to total the sales row, so for that we will use the pre inserted functions in MS Excel. There are total of 450 functions available in Microsoft Excel.


So to get the total of all the sales rows, we will write '=sum(' and then select all the column and then after click on any different cell. We will notice that the total of all will be shown in the cell where we entered the formula.


Similarly we can use average formula to count average of all the cells which we want.

In this course you will learn how to build Basic and Advance Formulas for MS EXCEL with Easy to Understand Videos in Hindi.


Formulas are a set of instructions that tell Excel what to do with the data in a cell. They allow you to calculate, summarize, and analyze data. Formulas can be used on their own or they can be nested within other formulas or functions.

There are two ways to create an Excel formula:

  • Type the formula in the cell and press Enter
  • Select the cell, click on Formulas > Define Name > OK
  • Type out your formula in the Name box and press Enter

A formula in Microsoft Excel is an expression that works with values in a range of cells. Even if the result is an error, these formulas return a result. You can use Excel formulae to execute operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

There are a few steps that need to be followed when creating a formula in MS Excel:

  • Click on the cell where you want the formula to be created.
  • Type an equal sign (=)
  • Type the formula, for example, A1+B1
  • Press Enter

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