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Adjusting Rows & Columns in MS Excel

How to Adjust Rows and Columns


No we will see that how we can adjust rows and columns into a particular size in MS Excel.

Suppose if we want to change the size of any three or four columns together, than we can select all the cells and can change the width of any one column and it will reflect in all of the selected columns.

To get any column into its best fit size we can just select that particular column and double click on it.

We can also individually change the width of the columns as per our requirement.

If by mistake we make any column very much small, then the data which us stored inside that will be converted to '###'.

Similarly we can also resize the size of rows.


There are certain ways to adjust rows and columns in MS Excel: - Horizontal scroll bar: You can scroll through the rows and columns by dragging the horizontal scroll bar. The number of the columns you can drag up or down depends on how many rows there are. - Vertical scroll bar: You can use the vertical scroll bar to type, copy, paste, and move cells in a particular row or column. You can also use it to click into a cell and make immediate changes without scrolling through the whole spreadsheet.

First, select the cell with the data you want to resize. Now hold down the Shift key and click on any of the other cells in that row or column. This will highlight all of them so you can see which ones are selected. Next, right-click on any of these cells and scroll down to the options available there. There you will find a drop-down list with some pre-selected options. You can also type your own value here and press Enter after typing it to make it permanent. To resize columns in Excel, use the shortcut 'Ctrl + Alt + right arrow'. For rows use the short-cut 'Ctrl + Alt + left arrow'.

The Excel 2016 ribbon contains a huge number of buttons that we can use to make adjustments in our spreadsheet. The best way to learn how to use these options is by using them on a small example spreadsheet. First, let's open an existing spreadsheet. Then, press "Ctrl + H" (or "Alt + H") on your keyboard to reveal the hidden rows and columns that you can adjust with the Excel ribbon buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

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