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Formatting Numbers in MS Excel

How to Format Numbers in MS Excel


Now we will see that how we can format numbers in MS Excel.

On our sheet we have some numbers as salary and mobile number, if we want to get our salary in an accurate format we can get it by going into the 'Format Cell' number dialogue box and select the number's format as per our requirement.

By using format sales we can easily get our data with currency.


Format a number in Excel using a variety of options to ensure that your data is formatted accurately and formatted consistently. Format numbers in Excel with this easy-to-use tool. Format a cell or a cell range in Excel with our powerful and easy-to-use formatting tool. With Format Number in Excel, you can quickly and easily format a cell or a cell range to show a number, text, date, time, currency, percentage, scientific notation, or any custom format.

Here we will cover how to format numbers in Microsoft Excel.1) Fixed values, 2) Percentage values, and 3) Currency values. 1) Fixed Values: These are the simplest type of number formatting. You can set them all at one point in time or you can set them relative to the cell they are being applied to. If you type 6,000 into a cell on your spreadsheet, it will display 6 on its own without any formatting options available except for alignment options that allow it to be right-aligned, left-aligned, or centered under the text where it is being applied. 2) Percentage Values: These function by using a percentage symbol (%)

Autofit is a function in Excel that lets you fit a set of data to a specified range. It can be used to automatically fit data to an existing range of values, or you can manually enter the start and end values for the data. Autofit will automatically determine which cells are present in your range and adjust them so that they are contained within the new range. Autofit is a feature in Excel that can automatically split data based on certain criteria. This can make tedious tasks easier, but it is important to know how to use Autofit to create useful data splits. When using Autofit in Excel, there are two ways you can take it: 1) You can divide the cells into two groups by filling in the values of the formula in each cell. 2) You can create a new column containing the formula. Once you do this, select the whole column and hit CTRL+SHIFT+N to assign range names to all the columns that are below it. Then you will be able to use your newly created range names in formulas within each cell of your new column.

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