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Shortcuts in MS Excel

How to use Shortcut


In MS Excel we have different kind of tabs and different options, which sometimes create question in our mind that which option do we need to use for our required task.


For example if we want to insert a row between two rows than we will right click on that cell and see mini toolbar there, where we will select Insert option, and a row will appear as we needed.


Similarly if you want to delete that row which we inserted we can do it with the help of delete option.


If we highlight any four cells and right click on that and select Insert option we will be asked to choose that where do we want to shift that cells, to the right, down or change entire row or column. We can select as per our requirement and it will be done.


Similarly we can do this with our different sheets, we can rename them, delete them, by just right clicking them. Many other options like tab color is there to change the color of the tab.


If we select three or four cells at a time and we want to get them bold, we can do that from our home tab, but if we are working on our formulas tab then we can just right click on those cells, and in mini toolbar option we can use Bold icon to do that.


Some shortcuts in Microsoft Excel are very useful for users who are able to learn the shortcuts. The shortcuts are simple enough for users to use without any manual assistance which means that these shortcuts are easier for them to remember and use compared to other programs. Shortcuts in MS Excel: Tab key: Stops a selected cell from changing when you press Tab key twice, it will start entering data into the cell that's 2 rows down, left of it or 3 columns up. Ctrl-A: Selects all cells in a spreadsheet, including blank cells and hidden cells

The shortcut is a way to create shortcuts to often-used commands and features in Microsoft Excel. It works like a mini toolbar that helps you complete tasks faster and easier. Shortcuts can make your work more efficient, but they also make it easier for others to work with your Excel files, which means they should be strictly for personal use only. A shortcut is a shortcut that you can use in Microsoft Excel that contains a menu of other commands and features that makes them easy to use. One of the most commonly used shortcuts is the Ctrl+A shortcut key because it immediately selects all cells in one click and puts them into the same format as whatever cell.

The shortcut key to save as in Microsoft Word is Ctrl + S. Shortcut key to save as in Microsoft Word: Ctrl + S. What the shortcut key does: This shortcut will save your work in a new file, which you can open up later by going to File > Open and locating the new file.

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