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Creating Charts in MS Excel

How to create a chart in MS Excel

Now we will see that we can create chart in MS Excel.

Suppose if you want to show any particular information in comparison form then we can create the chart for better understanding.

The simplest way to create a chat is first of all, we will select the data which we want, and after that press 'Alt+F1' key, as soon as we press the key a chart will be inserted according to our selected data and also 'Chart tools' will be added in ribbon section.

Chart tool consists of two things that is Design and Format.

Now we will select the data and then go to INSERT tab and then in that we will see an option of Recommended Charts. As soon as we open it we will see different kind of recommended charts like clustered column, clustered bar and many others, we can choose any chart according to our requirement.

Now if we want to display our chart in different sheet, then we will first select the data which we want in chart form and after that we can press 'F11' button from our keyboard which will create a different sheet named as 'Chart1' and our chart will be automatically inserted there.

Now if we have decided that we want our chart to be in Bar form, than we can select our data a d after that from INSERT tab Chart column we can select our requirement chart form.


Select the data for which you want to create a chart. Click INSERT > Recommended Charts Scroll through the Recommended Charts for your data, find the one you like, and click it to see how your data will be. When you've found what you please, click OK to finalize your selection. The world’s most popular spreadsheet program has a new chart tool that makes it easy to create and share charts

Creating charts in Excel is no longer an arduous task, thanks to the many different chart types that are now available. Follow these simple steps to get started. Chart types: Line chart, column chart, bar chart, pie chart Step 1: Click on the tab of data you wish to create a chart for. Step 2: Click on Insert > Line Chart or Column Chart or Bar Chart or Pie Chart. The default options will be selected automatically - just make changes if necessary. Step 3: To set up any type of line graph, click on the Add Data Labels button and choose which axis you want it to appear on. You should also select what values are displayed for each label - whether it be minimum, maximum, or mean values - then click on OK.

Excel provides an array of tools for creating graphs. If you are not sure how to generate one, take a look at the following infographic. To create a graph in Excel, follow these steps: 1. Create a new spreadsheet; 2. Use the "Insert" function; 3. Click on "Line Graph" and click on the drop-down box; 4. Select "Category Axis"; 5. Enter your values under "Data Range"; 6. Click on "OK". Graphs are social media’s most popular visual content type. They are able to break down data in a way that is easy to digest and present

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