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How to remove duplicate data in MS Excel

Now suppose if we have used same data that is entered same row for our worksheet many times, and we want to clear it to just one row, then we can use the option of 'Remove duplicates' from our DATA tab.

This option deletes duplicate rows from a sheet. We can pick which columns and rows should be check for duplicate information.

So for that we will first select the area which we want to operate this option, otherwise as usual we can select our whole sheet and use this option, which will remove all the duplicate columns that were written more than once.


Remove Duplicates in Excel is a simple tool that allows you to remove duplicate values from a range of cells. You can select a range of cells and then click Data > Remove Duplicates. In the column selector below, select the columns that have duplicate values you want to remove. Click OK when finished. Excel's 'Remove Duplicates' function is a powerful tool for cleaning up your data. If you're selecting columns to remove duplicates in your Excel spreadsheet, then you might have noticed that the left side of the window looks just like the right side of it. This can be confusing and wasteful. Remove Duplicate in Excel will help you get rid of this unnecessary duplication by creating unique columns for you to work with.

Microsoft Excel 2016 has a neat feature that allow you to delete duplicates in a column. To remove duplicates in a column, select the column and click on the Home tab. From the Panel on the left-hand side, click on Data Validation, then from the list of options, choose Remove Duplicates. We will explain how to remove duplicates in Excel 2016. First, let's go through some steps to find out which columns have duplicate values: 1. Open up Microsoft Excel 2016 on your computer or mobile device 2. From the ribbon, go to Data > Options > View > Show/Hide > Advanced Filter 3. In Advanced Filter pane on Left-hand side of screen, scroll down and choose Columns with Unique Values

There are many ways to remove duplicates in Excel. The most common ones are using the "Remove Duplicates" option under "Data" and using the "Data Validation" tool. Other options include: - Using Advanced Filter and Remove Duplicate Items: This allows you to select a specific type of duplicates to remove: - Use the Sort and then Delete Duplicates: This is a simple way of removing duplicates without sorting - Use Conditional Formatting: This allows you to highlight duplicate cells while keeping other cells unaltered - Use VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH

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