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Remove Duplicate in MS Excel

How to remove duplicate data in MS Excel

Now suppose if we have used same data that is entered same row for our worksheet many times, and we want to clear it to just one row, then we can use the option of 'Remove duplicates' from our DATA tab.

This option deletes duplicate rows from a sheet. We can pick which columns and rows should be check for duplicate information.

So for that we will first select the area which we want to operate this option, otherwise as usual we can select our whole sheet and use this option, which will remove all the duplicate columns that were written more than once.


The main features of Remove Duplicate in MS Excel are:

  • It can be used to find and remove duplicate values from a list or data set
  • It can be used to find and remove duplicate cells
  • It is an efficient way of finding duplicates
  • It is a time-saving tool

There are two ways to use Remove Duplicate. The first one is to select the data range and then click on Data tab > Sort & Filter > Remove Duplicates. The second one is to click on Data tab > Sort & Filter > Remove Duplicates, and then use the Delete All button on the right-hand side of the window.

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher
  • Pentium III or higher processor
  • 512 MB of RAM

  • It is useful for removing errors, such as duplicated data entries or incorrect formulas.
  • It can also help you save time by automating the process of deleting duplicate cells.
  • The duplicate finder is a powerful tool to use when you're working with large quantities of data and need to identify and remove duplicates.

The Duplicate function is not designed to remove duplicate rows in a list. However, there are some workarounds that can help you remove the duplicates.

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