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Freezing Workbook in MS Excel

How to freeze rows and columns

Now in this video we will see that how we can freeze rows and columns in MS Excel.

Suppose we have thousands of data in our Excel sheet and we want to scroll down and see our particular record but if we do that we can't see the main row which was denoting the headings. So in that case to freeze the main row we can use freeze top row option from our VIEW tab.

Now suppose if we do not want to use this option, than we can unfreeze this option from same place.

Similarly we can freeze our first column, by using freeze first column from 'Freeze panes' column in VIEW tab.

So this is how we can freeze any row and column in our MS Excel sheet.

Now in any case we want our first row and first two columns to freeze all together, than for that we will select the adjacent cell of both column and main row and use freeze pane option from VIEW tab.

This is how we can do our required work. This does not effect in print, it is just for easy visibility to the user.


The Excel Freeze Panes option allows you to freeze your columns and/or rows so that they stay on the screen even if you scroll down or over to see the remainder of your sheet.

  • To begin, choose a cell, row, or column beneath and to the right of the region you want to freeze.
  • Select the View tab from the Excel Ribbon.
  • Freeze Panes is a command that you can use.
  • Choose a command to freeze the first row or first column, or click Freeze Panes to freeze at the desired point.

In Excel, unfreezing columns, rows, and panes is exactly as straightforward as freezing them. Go to the View tab of your Excel spreadsheet. Freeze Panes is activated by pressing the Freeze Panes button. In the dropdown menu, choose Unfreeze Panes.

You can use the freeze feature in Microsoft Access to freeze one or more fields in your table, query, form, view, or stored procedure in the datasheet while scrolling to another area; you can use the freeze feature to freeze one or more fields in your table, query, form, view, or stored procedure in the datasheet while scrolling to another area.

  • To freeze all worksheets in the same position, pick a cell in the worksheet that you want to freeze, then hold the Shift key to select all sheet tabs.
  • Press the ALT + F11 keys at the same time to bring up the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

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