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The SUM function in MS Excel is used to add a range of cells. It can calculate the total of a range or add up a list of values. The MS Excel SUM function is one of the most commonly used functions in the spreadsheet software.The syntax for the sum function is: =SUM( A1:A100) In this case, if we wanted to add 8 to cell B4, we would do the following: =SUM(B1:B3)+8

The average() function is used in many statistical and computing problems and to calculate averages. The AVERAGE function can be used in a lot of ways. Most commonly, it is used to find the average value for a list of numbers. But there are also other uses such as finding the average time between events, finding the average number of days in a month, and more. The AVERAGE function is often overlooked when it comes to financial analysis and forecasting. It has been proven to be useful for this purpose, but there are other functions that might be more suitable depending on what you're looking for. The average() function takes two arguments: a number to be averaged, and an array containing the values of the numbers in the dataset to be averaged. This array should contain at least one element; if it doesn't, then the function will return an error. The AVERAGE function calculates the average of all numbers in an array given a value for that array to be averaged.

In Excel, you can use the Average function to find the average value in a list of numbers. In order to calculate an average in Excel, follow these steps: 1. Select a range of cells that you want to calculate the average for. 2. In the Average function, input a formula like =AVERAGE(C4:D6) and press enter. 3. In this example, we are going to calculate an average for column C and column D in cell E11. The formula would be =AVERAGE(C4:D6) + 3

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