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Protecting Sheets in MS Excel

How to protect a MS Excel sheet with a password

Now we will see that how we can protect MS Excel sheet with password.

Now suppose in some cases we want our file to be protected and want whoever sees this file cannot edit anything inside it, so for that we will select the particular column and right click on it and select format cells option, inside which we will see protection column, in it we will select lock option.

After that we will go to our REVIEW tab, inside which we will see different options like a protect sheet and protect workbook, for now we will select protect sheet option and can see that one dialogue box will get opened in front of our screen.

According to our requirement we can select any option from that dialogue box, and then provide with a good password, after that it will tell us to re enter our password for confirmation.

As we do these we will see that, when we are going to click on our protected column we are not able to do it. We can't even select it or manage it in any way.

So this is how we have protected columns in our MS Excel sheet with a password.

Now to remove this option and unprotect everything we will go to our REVIEW tab and select unprotect sheet option, which will ask for our password we set. We can write it and and unprotect our file.


You can lock the cells on your Excel worksheet and then safeguard it with a password to prevent other users from modifying, moving, or deleting data in it by accident or on purpose.

Protection types in MS Excel are as follows:

  • Password protection: This type of protection is used to protect the sheet from unauthorized access. You can set up a password and then provide it to anyone who needs access to the sheet.
  • File locking: The sheet is protected by a file lock, which prevents other users from opening the same workbook at the same time.

Protecting sheets in MS excel is a very important task. It is not just about protecting the data, it is also about protecting the formulas and formatting of the sheet. This ensures that data does not get tampered with, and also that there are no unwanted changes to the formatting of your spreadsheet.

In order to protect a sheet or workbook in MS Excel, you will need to open the "Excel Options" dialog box. In this dialog box, you will need to click on the "Protection" tab. From there, you will be able to set a password for the sheet or workbook and choose what level of protection you want it to have.

To protect a sheet in MS Excel, there are three ways:

  • Protect the sheet from editing by other users:
  • Restrict changes to the sheet from being saved:
  • Restrict changes to the sheet from being displayed.

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