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Format Painter in MS Excel

How to use Format Painter


Now we will see that what Format painter is in MS Excel.


If we want the format of any particular cell to apply to our normal cell, for example four different cells are having different background color and have borders to them with bold font, then if we want to apply that same format to different cells than we can use Format Painter option from our home tab, and select that cell whose properties we need to acquire, and mark the cells which we want to add the properties which we formatted.


As soon as we do that, the format of the cells which we selected will be similar to the cells which we wanted.


Format painter is a good functionality which is used many times in MS Excel.


Format Painter is a very useful feature in MS Excel. You can use it for applying formatting to cells, for instance, when you need to change all the cells with numbers into currency symbols. Format Painter can also be used when you need to apply the same style of borders around all the cells in a column or row.

The benefits of Format Painter are:

  • It is a quick way to copy formatting.
  • It can be used for any type of object, not just text.
  • You can paste the formatting onto any other object.
  • It saves you time and effort by copying formatting from one object to another.

Format Painter can be installed by downloading it from the Microsoft Office website. Once installed, you can access Format Painter by clicking on “Home” tab and then clicking on “Format Painter”.

Format Painter is a Microsoft Office program that copies the formatting of one cell to other cells. It can be used with Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Format Painter only works with the same version of Excel.

Format Painter is a tool in Microsoft Excel that copies the format of one cell to other cells. It can be used for cells that have a similar formatting, such as text alignment and font size. Format Painter can be accessed by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C or by clicking on the paintbrush icon on the top menu bar.

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