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How To Format Borders in MS Excel


Now we will see that how we can format borders in MS Excel.

When we want our cells to have borders than we can go into our HOME tab, and there we can select 'Borders' option and choose the required border format.

We can also have different kinds of borders, having different styles and different colors.


Border in Excel is the secret weapon for creating professional-looking line graphs in Excel without any technical knowledge. It gives you everything you need for creating beautiful, professional-looking line graphs in Excel. The quickest way to change the borders in Excel is with the Border Manager. It's just as easy to draw borders by using Draw Borders or Grid Borders. You can customize border colors and line styles with just one click, so you can easily create reports, presentations, dashboards, and more. Click the Home tab on ChartDirector or select ChartDirector > Borders. You can choose between Draw Borders for outer borders or Draw Border Grid for gridlines. Click the Borders arrow > Line Color arrow, and then choose a color from the options.

Formatting borders in MS Excel 2016 is very simple. You need to know the following steps to accomplish this task: 1. Select the cells that contain the borders 2. Go to the Home tab 3. Click on Format Cells 4. Make sure that there is a box with "border" written in it in the Borders section 5. Type a number into the "Width" box with 2 decimals 6. Type a number into the "Height" box with 2 decimals

There are many ways to create borders with cells in Excel. You can use the fill option, the fill color option, and the line option. There are also some hidden options that you can choose from to create a border with a cell. One of these is the line option. It allows you to include text and/or a drawing on top of your cells and it will automatically become the cell border. The most common technique is using the fill color option because it is easier to control borders with this technique than using lines or text as borders.

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