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Absolute in MS Excel

How to use absolute value in MS Excel


Now we will see that how we can use absolute value in MS Excel.

For that we have an excel sheet which consists of different information for employees including Salary, suppose if we want to increase the salary of everyone by 2000 Rs. and then calculate it again. Then we will usw formula such as 'Previous_salary+2000', which will give us our new salary, and after that we can drag that particular cell which will help us for finding the same for other employees.

Now if you want to increase the salary of employee by particular percentage for example 2.5 . Then we will create an formula for that as, 'Previous_salary*2.5+Previous_salary', which will give us our required value.

Now in case of writing 2.5, for any particular change, we can write that in a single cell and then select that cell on its place which will help to calculate new salary for any different increment.

Now to keep that particular cell for all, we can use method of Absolute to write formula ie. we will write '$' symbol before and after that cell's location which we need to use.


Absolute values in Excel are numbers that stand alone and do not need any other value to be defined. It is important to understand absolute values in Excel because we use these values when we use the function ABS() in our formulas. Absolute Value: The absolute value of a number is its distance from zero on the number line. It is the distance from zero, measured in units such as meters or feet.Absolute is a term that can be used to describe a value that has no relation and does not depend on anything else.

The Excel Absolute value function returns the value of a number without its sign. This means that when you enter an 8 into the "Absolute Value" cell, for example, it returns an 8, no matter if that cell has a positive sign or not. This is very useful when you need to see the absolute difference between two numbers, like in this formula: = abs(A1-A2) (which gives us -0.75). Absolute values are best used when you are trying to find the exact value that corresponds with a given set of data. Absolute values are used in Excel when you have a range of data and want to find the specific value within that range. Absolute values can be found by using =ABS(a number).

Absolute value refers to the distance between two numbers. It is also known as positive or negative difference. To calculate the absolute value, you need to know the definition of the absolute value of a number is its distance from zero. To calculate it, follow these steps: - Set up a variable called A and assign 5 as its initial value. - Subtract 4 from A's current value. - If the result is greater than or equal to 0, then A's absolute value is 5. - If the result is less than 0, then A's absolute value is -5.

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