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Absolute in MS Excel

How to use absolute value in MS Excel


Now we will see that how we can use absolute value in MS Excel.

For that we have an excel sheet which consists of different information for employees including Salary, suppose if we want to increase the salary of everyone by 2000 Rs. and then calculate it again. Then we will usw formula such as 'Previous_salary+2000', which will give us our new salary, and after that we can drag that particular cell which will help us for finding the same for other employees.

Now if you want to increase the salary of employee by particular percentage for example 2.5 . Then we will create an formula for that as, 'Previous_salary*2.5+Previous_salary', which will give us our required value.

Now in case of writing 2.5, for any particular change, we can write that in a single cell and then select that cell on its place which will help to calculate new salary for any different increment.

Now to keep that particular cell for all, we can use method of Absolute to write formula ie. we will write '$' symbol before and after that cell's location which we need to use.


Excel's ABSOLUTE function returns a number's absolute value. Negative numbers are converted to positive numbers, but positive numbers are unaltered.

In your formulas, there is a shortcut for placing absolute cell references! When you've finished inputting your formula, press the F4 key after you've typed a cell reference. Excel makes the cell reference absolute by default! Excel will cycle through all of the absolute reference options if you keep pressing F4.

When filling cells, there are situations when you don't want a cell reference to change. Absolute references, unlike relative references, do not alter whether copied or filled in. To maintain a row and/or column constant, use an absolute reference.

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