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Page Break Preview in MS Excel

How to use Page Break Preview

Till now we have seen that how we can print any Excel sheet, now we will see that how we can use Page Break Preview option.

Page break preview located in status bar, which is when used give us the whole Excel sheet in dark blue borders with marked page numbers.

Suppose any of our Excel sheet it is big in width, and is not fully covered for printing, then by hiding any particular column, it will adjust the print problem. So sometimes making adjustment like this can help in print as we need.

The dotted line which we see in page break preview, they are page break lines which tell us that it is the end of your particular page.

Now if we want to print any selected area then we can select it and print preview it where we can see the settings option which will say 'Print Active Sheets', which we will change it into 'Print Selection'.


The Page Break Preview button may be found by clicking the view tab, then going to the Workbook Views group.

Switch to the Page Break Preview mode:

  • To do so, go to the View tab and pick Page Break Preview from the drop-down menu. The view will change to reveal the printed pages. Empty cells that aren't going to be printed aren't going to show up. All of the page breaks will be highlighted in blue.

A page break, sometimes known as a hard page break, is a code introduced by a software programme (for example, a word processor) that tells the printer where to stop printing on the current page and start printing on the next. After adding the Page Break, the pointer is moved to the next page and a sign denoting the Page Break appears.

You may have the Fit To scaling option enabled (Page Layout tab -> Page Setup group -> click Dialog Box Launcher Button picture -> Page) if manual page breaks don't work. Instead, change the scale to Adjust to. Three horizontal page breaks have been added to the image below.

  • A page break should be moved.
  • Select Normal from the View menu.
  • Place the pointer on the page break line until it changes to a. and then drag it to a new spot. When an automated page break is moved, it becomes a manual page break. Manual page breaks are not automatically adjusted.

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