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How to calculate percentage in MS Excel


Now we will see that how we can calculate percentage in MS Excel.

Here we have an excel sheet in which we want to calculate percentage change as per every month.

So now if we want to calculate percentage change for our February month we can do that by using formula as, =(C4-B4)/B4 where, B4 is first month's profit and C4 is second month's profit.

Now if we want to convert that into percentage, we can go into our HOME tab and select that particular cell which we want to convert and use the percentage option from Ribbon section.

One thing which we need to remember in this that whenever we use any formula which consist of brackets, number of opening brackets should always be equal to number of closing brackets.


Excel is a spreadsheet software that helps users to calculate, create, and manage data. It can be used for many purposes other than simple spreadsheets which are created using the formula "=SUMPRODUCT(A1:A4,B1:B4)". Percentage formula in Microsoft Excel - =SUMPRODUCT(A1:A4,B1:B4)/COUNTIF(C2:C4,"")*100

The percentage increase is a calculation that tells the amount of increase in one quantity resulting from a change in another. It is calculated by multiplying the original quantity with the percentage value to find out how much more or less there is. The formula for calculating percentage increase would be as follows: Original Amount x Percentage Increase = New Amount

The formula to calculate percentage change in one year: To calculate percent change from one year to the next, use the following formula: Percent Change = 100 * [(1 - Current Value) / (1 - Original Value)] * 100

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