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The best way to hide and undo rows or columns in Excel is with the Hide Unhide feature. This feature allows you to hide and unhide rows or columns without actually deleting them, which can make your work much easier. Hide Unhide in Excel is an add-in that allows you to hide and unhide rows or columns in your worksheets. You can use this add-in to ensure that not every column or row is visible and not every cell is visible. You can also use it to temporarily hide or unhide certain parts of a worksheet.

In Excel 2016, the new ribbon interface has been made to make it more user-friendly. In order to hide a column in Excel, you can use the Hide Columns button on the ribbon. To hide a column in Excel 2016: - On the Home tab of the Ribbon, click or tap on hiding Columns. - Then select which columns you want to hide. - Click or tap on OK when done. Column Hiding is useful when there are two or more columns that you want to hide. You can then use the Hide command of the Ribbon’s Home tab to make sure no one sees the hidden columns. To create a hidden column, select the cell where you want it and choose Format > Column > Hide Column from the ribbon's Home tab.

Locking cells in Excel is not an easy task. Sometimes, we may need to lock cells in a certain area and protect them from modification or deletion by locking the sheets separately. By using the steps below, you can easily lock and protect your sheets without protecting your original spreadsheet data. There are two types of protection in Excel: - Lock Sheet Protection: This protects the sheet from modification or deletion for all users, including yourself. You can also make changes to the sheet and other users will never see them (unless they have administrator-level access). This is the simplest option but you might not want to use this if you're creating a workbook that will be shared with other people who might need access to it at some point. - Sheet Protection: This just prevents users from changing.

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