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Use of Formula in Worksheet

How To Use of Formula in Worksheet

Now we will see that how we can use formula in multiple worksheets together.

Suppose if you want to enter the total salary of any one person in a particular sheet, whose different salaries are written in different sheets, so for that we will simple use our usual formula method.

We will write equal to (=) in the cell where we want the total salary to be written and then proceed by selecting the cells from different sheets where the persons salaries are written.

This will give us the total salary of that particular person from different sheets together to our required cell.

Now if we have many different rows to calculate then and we can just simply use 'Sum' function for getting the total salary.

To get 'Sum' function we can simply press 'Alt+=' key from our keyboard, and after that select every cell from different sheets to get the total salary.

To view that which formula we used, we can just simply use 'Show Formulas' option from FORMULAS tab.


Linking formulas is a powerful tool in Excel. This product simplifies how you can quickly move formulas, constants, or references forward to other cells. Linking formulas are used to create tables or formulas that span multiple cells.To link formulas together, use the equal sign and then click and enter in the next cell with a constant or formula that you want to bring forward. When complete just click Enter again on the Formula bar to finish entering your formula.

One of the main benefits of Excel 2016 is that you can create formulas to help with your work. The formula button in Excel 2016 is the key to using formulas. It allows you to easily create, edit, and use formulas in your workbooks. Additionally, there are many helpful keyboard shortcuts that you can use with the formula box for time-saving convenience. The formula button will be on your toolbar when you open a new workbook in Excel 2016. To reveal it, click on the File tab > Options > Customize Ribbon. Once this menu has opened, scroll down until you find the Formula bar options and select them from the list of options. You can also get to this page by typing "Formula bar" into Excel's Search box (Ctrl+F).

A formula is a sequence of instructions that lets you calculate values in Excel. You can use formulas to perform simple or complex operations. There are a few different options for the formula to be displayed, including: Using the Insert Function tool Using the Function Wizard Using an equation editor such as Equation Editor or Calculator.

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