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How To Use VLOOKUP in MS Excel

Now we will see one of the special functionality of MS Excel i.e. VLOOKUP.

VLOOKUP means Vertical look up, and HLOOKUP means Horizontal look up.

Suppose we have a table which is vertical in nature, then we can select it and use Transpose option by right clicking to convert it into horizontal table where we will need to use HLOOKUP function, while if it was kept vertical than VLOOKUP.

Using vlookup we can compare any two tables with each other.

This function compares the value of any one column from both tables to each other and then give the required value in the particular cell.

Now to apply this function we will write it as a normal formula that is '=vlookup(A1,L3:M3,2' where A1 is the value which we need to compare, L3:M3 is the table with which we need to compare A1, and we have written 2 at last because that column's value we need to print from the table.

Now to apply this formula for whole column we can use our absolute value function by pressing F4 key, and then drag it according to our requirement.

So this is how VLOOKUP function works, and whenever we use this function we need to take care of one thing that is the table should be in ascending order.


The VLOOKUP function is one of the most versatile functions in spreadsheet software such as Excel. It can be used to find data inside a spreadsheet, look data up by a single key element, and return information based on conditions contained within the function.

The VLOOKUP function is a powerful tool that can be used for data analysis, table lookup, and many other tasks.

VLOOKUP is a very useful function for matching values and retrieving corresponding information. It is also very easy to use, you just need to know what you are looking for and where it is located. You can also use VLOOKUP to retrieve text or numerical values and it will work just as well.

The VLOOKUP function is a versatile tool in Excel that allows you to search for information in a table of data. It’s used to find and return matching values from the left-hand column of a table, based on the value you enter into the right-hand column.

The VLOOKUP function is a powerful tool that helps us find value in a table. The arguments are:

  • The lookup value (the value we are looking for)
  • The table array (the range of cells in the table where we want to look for the lookup value)
  • The column number (which column from the table array contains the data that we want to return).

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