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There are two ways to change the default font in MS Excel. One is to go to "File" and "Options", then select the "General" tab. The other way is to right click the text and select "Font".

Serif fonts are the most common and widely used type of font. They have small lines at the end of each letter that creates a more traditional feel to the font. Sans serif fonts are similar to serifs but without any of the small lines at the end of each letter. Decorative fonts are usually used for headings or titles in order to add an extra element to the text. Monospaced fonts have all letters taking up equal space on a line making it easier for programmers to read code with these types of fonts.

There are many different fonts available in Excel. All these fonts can be accessed by clicking on the Font group in the Home tab of a selected cell:

  • #1: Times New Roman
  • #2: Arial
  • #3: Comic Sans MS
  • #4: Courier New

In MS Excel, there are two ways to change the font. You can either use the Format Cells dialog box or the Font tab of the Home ribbon.

The default fonts in MS Excel are Calibri and Cambria.

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