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How are other Common Functions useful


MS Excel consists of 450 formulas feature pre installed in it.

Now we will see that how we can check that any particular function exist or not. For that we can search any function by its name and if it is existing, and it will be shown in the list that appears.

There are different functions like rank, which is used to give rank for particular selected cells.

When we want to count the number of cells in a range that are not empty, we use Count function, we can use it by typing '=count(__)'.

Now if we want to calculate median, we can use the medium function and select the cells for which we want to perform this function.

We can also insert function in Excel, we can do that by going into FORMULA'S tab and clicking on the insert function icon.

In MS Excel there are different functions which we can perform according to our requirement.


Excel is highly useful for data analysis and graphing, but also has other functions that are often overlooked. This article discusses some of the most useful Excel functions. Some of the most common Excel functions are: * SUM function: Sums all cells in a row or column * AVERAGE function: Computes a cell’s average value * MINUS function: Takes a single value and subtracts it from another * IF function: Takes two arguments and evaluates based on them

Formulas and functions are the most popular tools in Excel. They’re used for calculations and data calculations. They can be used in Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs as well. There is a wide variety of things that formulas and functions can do for you, such as: - Keeping track of your finances - Calculating percentages - Making pie charts - Organizing your schedule with calendars

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. It can perform mathematical calculations, organize data, create charts and graphs, and automate business processes. A spreadsheet is a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns. Each cell has a value that can be edited with the mouse or keyboard. Spreadsheets are used to store data in tabular format for ease of analysis The main functions of Excel are to organize data into tables, calculate formulas using structured formulas, extract information from raw data sources into tables or graphical reports, perform statistical analysis on large amounts of data, create charts and graphs for visual comparisons between datasets. Some of the main functions of MS Excel are: - create pivot tables to filter and analyze data - create charts with different types of graphs - share data with multiple people or across a network through password protection - find numerical values in your spreadsheet

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