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Password to Workbook in MS Excel

How to Protect Excel Sheet with Password

Now suppose if we do not want anyone to change in the structure of our workbook, we can use protect workbook option from our REVIEW tab.

When we will use that option we are first ask to put a password and then re enter that password for confirmation.

Now by doing this no one can even add or shift our workbook from one sheet to another.

To remove this option we can go back to our REVIEW tab and select unprotect workbook option.


"Protect Workbook" is software designed to protect workbooks created in Excel. It allows you to make changes to workbooks without worrying that others will see the changes. You can also protect entire workbook structures, with truly unique passwords. Click on Review > Protect Workbook. Alternatively. Click on File > Info > Protect Workbook > Protect Workbook Structure . Enter a password > Click OK.

Protecting an Excel sheet is important to avoid any unfortunate events. Here are some tips to protect your Excel sheet. Protecting an Excel sheet is important to avoid any unfortunate events. Here are some tips to protect your Excel sheet: 1) Make sure that the document contains only the information you want others to see. If you have confidential information, it should be in a separate document or hidden in another column. 2) When writing formulas, be careful about what cells or columns that contain formulas will show up or not show up for people who do not have access to the document. For example, if you include marketing data in one column and research data in another column, it would be best if marketing data did not show up when only research data is visible on-screen.

Excel has a built-in function to generate passwords, but the process is not as easy as it seems. The password generation function can be unreliable at times due to various reasons like errors in input data or unexpected results. There are many ways to create passwords on Excel, some of which are easier than others. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own password for your work then you might consider using the password generator that ships with Excel.

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