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Chart Elements in MS Excel

How To Change The Layout or Style Of a Chart

Now we will see that how we can format our charts.

So for that we will for select our data and then press 'Alt+F3' key, now our chart will be created.

We can provide our chart with a good chart title by double clicking on that column. After that we can also use quick layout option from Design tab, which will show different types of layout for our chart.

You can also choose a layout which has Axis titles space also, which will further provide us to display our chat more describing.

We can also see different types of charge styles in Design tab, we can choose any one according to our preference.

As we hover our mouse pointer on any part of our chart then it will show the information about it that what that part actually is and what values does this bar is of.

We can further design our chart by using different options from HOME tab like bold, italic, font style etc...


The Excel chart is a tool that can be used to make vivid and dynamic presentations of your data. Data in the chart can be displayed in a variety of different formats, such as line, bar, and point charts. Here are some chart elements: Axes. Axis titles. Chart titles. Data labels. Data table. Error bars. Gridlines. Legend.

The best way to change the color of the axis values in Excel is using conditional formatting. The process is simple and easy with conditional formatting. Many people are confused about changing colors in Excel. Some people believe that changing colors can be done by adjusting the fill color of cells with different colors in different charts. However, this method is not reliable because it doesn't work in some charts or in some cases when there are too many rows or columns. The best way to change colors is by using conditional formatting with a formula, which makes it easy for you to customize the color of your axes without having to worry about how many rows or columns are on each axis or what type of chart you are using.

Charts are used by data analysts to communicate information in a visual way. To create a chart in Excel 2016, you can follow these steps: - Select the cells containing your data. - Go to the Insert tab. - Select Charts > More Charts > Line or Scatter Chart. - Type in your values into the X and Y-axis. - To complete the chart, select Insert > Chart Elements > Legend, Axis Titles, and Legends to insert text boxes for your labels and titles of each axis.

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