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Autofill in MS Excel

How To Use Autofill


Now we will see how to use Autofill in MS Excel.


It is a very amazing functionality in MS Excel.


Suppose we want to enter months name in our excel sheet. So for that we will write January in one cell, and now we can autofill other months in different cells in MS Excel. For that we just need to navigate our mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of 'January' cell and then extend it as per our requirement.


Autofill functionality works from both side that is up to down and left to right.


Similarly we can use autofill functionality for writing weekdays and dates.


Autofill is a feature in Microsoft Excel that automatically fills in a cell with a value. Autofill is especially great for people who frequently enter the same values into a text field. It saves a lot of time and makes data entry more efficient. The following are some of the most popular ways to use Autofill: - Entering just one person's information into an address field - Filling out an expense report using just two or three numbers - Entering data from websites including addresses, phone numbers, etc.The autofill feature can be considered as an intelligent system that optimizes the user experience by providing quick responses for all the question that you might have.

Microsoft Word autofill is a feature that helps the user to write quickly because it predicts what the user will want to type text by typing it in advance. It also helps in typing in data in forms that are difficult to complete when using a keyboard. It can be used during both editing and writing. The auto filling can help avoid mistakes when using screen reader software, assistive technologies for people with disabilities, or other accessibility features, such as high contrast mode for vision-impaired users. The auto filling can even be used to support people who are blind or visually impaired and use braille displays or enlarged keyboards instead of a standard computer keyboard.

AutoFill is an Excel feature that helps you fill in cells with values without having to type them in manually. This feature is helpful for data entry when you want to collect data from various sources. AutoFill is a feature in Excel 2016 that allows you to type only a few letters and the rest of the text will be filled in. For example, if you type “C” and then press TAB, “CA” will automatically be typed; pressing the period key (.) will also be replaced with “.” The first thing that must be done is to enable AutoFill on your spreadsheet. To do so, go to the File menu and choose Options. In the left-hand side of the window, go to Proofing->AutoCorrect Options and use AutoFormat As You Type option as shown below: Then press OK and close your document's window.

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