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Autofill in MS Excel

How To Use Autofill


Now we will see how to use Autofill in MS Excel.


It is a very amazing functionality in MS Excel.


Suppose we want to enter months name in our excel sheet. So for that we will write January in one cell, and now we can autofill other months in different cells in MS Excel. For that we just need to navigate our mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of 'January' cell and then extend it as per our requirement.


Autofill functionality works from both side that is up to down and left to right.


Similarly we can use autofill functionality for writing weekdays and dates.


Autofill formulas are a type of Excel formula that automatically fills in data in cells.

Autofill formulas are a great tool for saving time and ensuring accuracy. They also provide a more efficient way of completing online forms by automatically filling in fields with information that is already known or guessed.

The autofill functions are not limited to a single cell. You can use them in columns or rows as well. You just need to select the cells you want the autofill function to apply to and then choose the desired autofill formula.

If you delete an Autofill formula from a cell, the cells below will have the same data.

Autofill is one of the most useful features in MS Excel. It can save you a lot of time by automatically filling in cells with predefined values. Autofill can be used to quickly fill out a form or spreadsheet with data by selecting a range of cells and then clicking on the autofill button on the toolbar.

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