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Sorting in MS Excel

How to sorting a data in MS Excel

Now we will see that how we can sort a data in MS Excel.

Sorting basically means to arrange anything in proper data.

Firstly we will select all our data by pressing 'Ctrl+A' key from our keyboard and just to check that everything is selected we can use 'Ctrl+.' key from keyboard to move to every corner of our selected data.

Now to sort the data we will go to our DATA tab and see an option of 'Sort', we'll use it, and we'll see that it will ask us Column, Sort On, and Order to select, i.e. how and what we need to be sort by and in which order.

As soon as we select our priorities we can see that all the data which we selected is being alphabetically arranged with proper data managed.

Now we can also sort our data by using multiple levels, i.e. we can sort our data by different ways.

Now suppose if people want to do this all procedure very fast, than we can just go to our DATA tab and beside Sort option we will see A to Z and Z to A sorting icons there, which is when used will arrange all the data accordingly.


The sort operation in MS Excel is used to order the data in a spreadsheet. This can be done by sorting by one or more columns, rows, or cells.

There are two ways in which you can sort text in MS Excel: one is by using the sort function and the other is by using a pivot table.

There are many ways to sort numbers in MS Excel. One of the most common is to use the Sort or Data > Sort Range options. The Sort option is located on a menu bar at the top of a spreadsheet and can be used to sort a list vertically or horizontally. The Data > Sort Range option sorts a range of cells in alphabetical order, according to their contents.

The simplest way to sort data in Excel is by manually sorting it. You can use the sort function in Excel to order your data based on a specific column. For example, you can use it to order your data by date or time. To do this, select the column that contains the date or time values and click on Data > Sort > Sort A To Z or Sort Z To A (depending on which direction you want to order your data).

There are three types of sorting in Excel. These are:

  • Sort rows by values in a column:
  • Sort columns by values in a row:
  • Sort rows and columns simultaneously:

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