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Other Grouping of Pivot Table in MS Excel

How to other grouping of Pivot Table

Now in this video we will see that how we can group data other than pivot table method.

Suppose if we want the two columns data of pivot table together in one column, so for that we will use group option.

First of all we will select 2 columns from pivot table and then right click on them and select 'group' option, this will get them both together in one group named 'Group1'.

Data will also be manipulated according to that.

We can also menu plate over data according to this in Rows. We just simply need to select our two rows and right click on them and select our 'group' option.

We can also ungroup that data, by just right clicking on the group and select 'ungroup' option.


Compact, Outline, and Tabular Form are the three primary layouts available for pivot tables.

  • Make a pivot table with the information you've gathered.
  • Drag the Color field to the Rows section of the screen.
  • Toggle the Sales field over to the Values section.
  • Items must be manually grouped. Choose a few items. Group with a right-click. Assign a name to the group. For each group, repeat the process.
  • Change the name of the grouping field (Color2) to Group (or as desired)

Hold down the Control key and choose each item you want to include in the first group when manually grouping items. Select these cells and then choose "Group Selection" from the PivotTable Tools Ribbon's Options bar.

Select Options from the File tab in the ribbon to create a custom list. Select Advanced from the Excel Options menu, then go down to the General section and click the Edit Custom List option.

A PivotTable is a dynamic approach to summarise vast volumes of data rapidly. A PivotTable can be used to study numerical data in depth and to answer unexpected queries about your data. A PivotTable is ideal for: Querying big volumes of data in a variety of user-friendly methods.

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