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Other Grouping of Pivot Table in MS Excel

How to other grouping of Pivot Table

Now in this video we will see that how we can group data other than pivot table method.

Suppose if we want the two columns data of pivot table together in one column, so for that we will use group option.

First of all we will select 2 columns from pivot table and then right click on them and select 'group' option, this will get them both together in one group named 'Group1'.

Data will also be manipulated according to that.

We can also menu plate over data according to this in Rows. We just simply need to select our two rows and right click on them and select our 'group' option.

We can also ungroup that data, by just right clicking on the group and select 'ungroup' option.


Grouping and ungrouping are some of the most critical tasks in Excel. With this extension, you'll be able to right-click a grouped field and choose Ungroup from the context menu or select any cell in a grouped field, and on the Pivot Table Tools | Analyze tab, click the Group button. Grouping data in Excel can make your life much easier. But if you find yourself trying to ungroup the data, the process can be time-consuming and tedious. Group or ungroup in Excel is an extension for Excel that lets you press a keystroke shortcut to perform the action much faster.

Grouping is one of the most basic web design principles. It's responsible for the organization and display of items on the web. Grouping typically involves categorizing content by some means; either by based on a common attribute or content type. When it comes to design, grouping is used to decide how content should be laid out in terms of layout and accessibility across different devices. It's also useful in optimizing your content for specific audiences, such as differentiating between main pages and landing pages.Use the TEXT function: The TEXT function can be used as a quick formula to group content in Excel. It accepts the number of rows and columns as its arguments, creating a list of cells that form the text string. The TEXT function is commonly used when you want to make a list or table with grouped items. For example, if you were creating an invoice and wanted to put all the items in one column and the total in another column, this would be done by using: =TEXT(A1;B1) where A represents the row number and B represents the column number

To create a pivot table, you would use the Pivot Table Wizard. It allows you to select from a variety of options, such as grouping dates by month, year, or quarter. You can also use the Pivot Table Wizard to group data by specific values in your dataset. A pivot table is a great way to organize and summarize data into meaningful and readable content. They help us see the relationships between different values and metrics that we might not otherwise be able to see just by looking at the numbers and numbers alone.

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