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Status Bar in MS Excel

How do you change the Status Bar


Now we will see about status bar in MS Excel.


On the downside of our worksheet we can see which is having READY and NUM LOCK option, this bar is known as Status bar.


It is used to show the status of our Excel sheet. If our num lock is ON then it will be shown in status bar.


If we select more than one cell from our sheet, then in status bar we will get average of them, count of how many cells are selected, and sum of selected cells displayed there.


Suppose if we want to know the minimum and maximum values from our selected cells, then we can go to our status bar and right click on it and select minimum and maximum option, which will show the minimum and maximum values from our selected cells.


So without applying any particular formula we can just select the cells and get basic information like average, count of how many cells are selected, minimum, maximum, and sum of all of them.


On the right side of status bar there are three icons, first one is 'Normal' which is displaying our worksheet in normal form, second one is 'Page Layout' which will display the sheet in page format, and the third one is 'Page Break Preview' which is used to see that how much part of the page will get printed.


Just beside those three icons we can see a Zoombar, which is used to zoom our worksheet as per our requirement. Maximum value of zoom which can be done is 400%, and minimum value of zoom which can be done is 0%.


The Status Bar is the section at the bottom of Excel where you can see various details about the current mode and any special keys that are active. From the status bar, you can also select multiple worksheet views and zoom in and out on the worksheet.

The Status Bar is the thin strip at the bottom of the Excel window, below the list of worksheets.

The lower edge of the worksheet window is known as the status bar, and it displays various information about an Excel worksheet. It also shows information such as the worksheet's current status, if scroll lock or end mode are enabled, and so on.

All you have to do now is follow the steps below:

  • From the Tools menu, select Options.
  • Make sure you've got the View tab selected.
  • Make sure the check option for the Status Bar is selected.
  • Click the OK button.

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