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Status Bar in MS Excel

How do you change the Status Bar


Now we will see about status bar in MS Excel.


On the downside of our worksheet we can see which is having READY and NUM LOCK option, this bar is known as Status bar.


It is used to show the status of our Excel sheet. If our num lock is ON then it will be shown in status bar.


If we select more than one cell from our sheet, then in status bar we will get average of them, count of how many cells are selected, and sum of selected cells displayed there.


Suppose if we want to know the minimum and maximum values from our selected cells, then we can go to our status bar and right click on it and select minimum and maximum option, which will show the minimum and maximum values from our selected cells.


So without applying any particular formula we can just select the cells and get basic information like average, count of how many cells are selected, minimum, maximum, and sum of all of them.


On the right side of status bar there are three icons, first one is 'Normal' which is displaying our worksheet in normal form, second one is 'Page Layout' which will display the sheet in page format, and the third one is 'Page Break Preview' which is used to see that how much part of the page will get printed.


Just beside those three icons we can see a Zoombar, which is used to zoom our worksheet as per our requirement. Maximum value of zoom which can be done is 400%, and minimum value of zoom which can be done is 0%.


The status bar is one of the most important tools in MS Excel. It allows you to know what is happening in your spreadsheet. It is also where you can see some information about your worksheet, such as how many rows and columns, the name of the active cell, and the date and time it was last changed. The status bar can be found on the bottom left corner of your screen when you open Excel.The status bar is a small bar at the bottom of the Excel window that displays various pieces of information about what is going on with the spreadsheet. The status bar shows different information depending on what mode you are in. When you are in Normal mode, it will show how many rows and columns are visible in your spreadsheet, as well as how much data has been entered into your spreadsheet. The Status Bar also shows how many digits each cell contains, if there is no value in that cell, or if that cell has an error.

The status bar in Excel is used to display the current status of the program, like how many cells it has, that some content needs to be entered, etc. You can change some of the color of the status bar with different settings. The status bar in MS Excel is useful for displaying information like how many cells are there on your spreadsheet, what kind of content needs to be typed in, etc.There's an option for modifying the status bar in MS Excel. This option is located in the View tab of the ribbon. To modify it, go to File > Options > General and check the 'Show status bar' box under Status Bar Styles. You can also use this options to modify several other items such as colors, font type, font size and more.

New features are being added to Microsoft Excel every day, but some of the most important tasks are still left out. One of them is changing the status bar in Excel. The status bar shows the number of rows and columns that are currently displayed on your screen. It can be used for calculating how many rows or columns will fit on your screen so you know if you have enough space for it. It is also helpful when you want to quickly see how much text or content will fit on a single page so you know if it is worth putting it there. Changing the status bar in Excel is not an easy task, but with these simple steps, anyone can do it without any issue.

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