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Sparklines in MS Excel

How to use sparklines in MS Excel

Many time we have different types of data and to show them effectively we use charts, but what if there is not enough space for displaying whole chat or there is not enough time for making a perfect understandable chart, so for that we have another option Sparklines.

So for that we will first select our data and then click on bottom right corner of our selected part where we will see sparklines, as soon as we click on sparklines option we can see three more options which are Line, Column, and Win/Loss.

After that as we select two 'line' option, we will see spark line displayed, and also on our ribbon section we can see Sparkline option.

In sparkline tools we can use different kind of things to edit our sparklines, such as we can mark first point, last point, high point, low point, negative point, and etc...

We can also adjust the thickness of our sparkline from sparkline tool's Design option.

Similarly we can do all this things for columns sparkline.

Now just for better understanding we can also take negative values data which will then show us that our negative value sparkline row and columns are going down from our axis line.

So in this way we can use sparklines for displaying our data in quicker and easier way.


A sparkline consists of a series of small line segments that represent the data in the cells above and below the cell containing the sparkline. The segments are connected with straight lines at each end, and they slope upwards if the value is increasing or downwards if it's decreasing.

Wrap Text is a feature in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programmes that displays all information in a cell, even if it exceeds the cell boundary. Cell G2 in the illustration, for example, has text that is cut off since adjacent cell H2 also has text.

Sparklines are small, simple, and expressive charts that can be created in Excel. They can be used to convey data trends over time or space.

  • A chart is a graphical representation of data, typically in the form of a graph with axes, plots, or tables. Charts are often used to visualize large amounts of data and make comparisons between different categories.
  • The difference between the two types of charts is that Sparklines are generally smaller and more compact than charts and they are usually used for showing trends in data over time rather than displaying all the information at once.

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