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Outline in MS Excel

How To Use Outline in MS Excel

Now we will see that we can use Outline in MS Excel.

For that we have taken one sports expense budget with his for half year that is 6 months. In that we have and total for our different sports games at quarter 1 and quarter 2, and we have done gross total at last for half yearly total. Also in this particular sheet we have applied formula for everything.

Now suppose if we do not want to show all the six months data we just want to show our quarterly data for any presentation or other thing, then we can do this with the help of Outline.

For that we will first go to DATA tab in which we have 'Group' option, which will have an option of 'Auto outline', when we'll select that we'll see of the Outline sections available at the top.

In which we will see some numbers which are known as outline numbers are present in left top corner and when we click on any one of them we can see the total of our all data shown accurately.

When we are using this option we can come across a problem, that we are not able to occupy all our sheet with outlines at once, so for that we will double click on DATA tab which will hide the ribbon section.

To hide and unhide our outline symbols and outline numbers we can use 'Ctrl+8' key from our keyboard.


An outline in MS Excel is a great organizational tool. It can help you with your time management, task delegation and project planning. It reduces the risk of forgetting important details and keeps your work organized.

An outline is a list that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in MS Excel. It can be used for anything from a list of items to a plan for an essay.

The first step in using Excel for outlining is creating a new document and then saving it as an Excel file (.xlsx). The next step is to create a new sheet, which will become the outline sheet. The final step is to start adding rows with headings that correspond with the different topics or sections in your outline.

Excel is a powerful tool for outlining. It can help you organize your thoughts and ideas, as well as provide a visual representation of your outline.

Excel offers an immense number of features that make outlining easier than ever before. It allows you to create different sheets for different parts of the project and then link them together so you can see how they all fit together. You can also add comments so people know what you’re thinking about or what you want them to do with specific parts of the project.

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