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Splitting Sheets in MS Excel

How to Split Sheets in MS Excel

Now you will see an interesting feature of MS Excel that is 'Split sheets'.

Now sometimes we want to compare two data with each other but they exist far apart for example one data which we want to compare is at 6th row and another one is at 23rd row, so in that case we will use 'split' button from our VIEW tab.

When we use it we can see that our screen will be divided into two parts, and we will be provided with two different scroll bar for each one.

Now if we do not want to use that feature anymore then we can again click on that 'split' option to cancel it.

We can do this similar activity with column which will provide us two different scroll bars at horizontal.

Additionally we can use this 'split' feature for both row and column together at one time which will give us two scroll bars at horizontal bottom and two scroll bars at vertical right.


Splitting sheets in MS Excel is a technique that can be used to create multiple sheets within a single workbook. The function of splitting sheets in MS Excel is to create multiple sheets within a single workbook. You can use this technique to organize your data so that it is more manageable.

There are many ways to split a sheet into two parts. One way is to use the Insert tab and then choose the Shapes option. You can also use the Format tab and then select the Shape Outline in the Shapes group. You can then apply a shape to your document and resize it to suit your needs.

If you want to divide the current sheet into two, use the Split Horizontally command from the Home tab or use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut. This will split your current worksheet into two separate sheets, both with a default name of Sheet1. To rename either of these sheets, select it and click Rename on the right-hand side of your screen.

There are many ways to split a sheet in MS Excel. There is the classic way of using the mouse and selecting the cells that you want to split. You can also do it by using keyboard shortcuts, or with a formula.

Some people use it to create separate sheets, while others use it to create different views of the same sheet. The latter is more common and more useful in my opinion because you can see how your data changes with different filters applied.

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