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Data entry is the process of entering data into a computer system. This can be done manually by typing, pasting, or copying and pasting the information into the appropriate fields in an application. Data entry can be performed using different input devices including keyboards, tablets, mice, touch screens and voice recognition software. The type of input device used will depend on the software being used e.g., if a company uses Microsoft Excel for its business purposes then data entry would typically be done using a keyboard or mouse.Here are different ways you can enter dates in MS Excel: * Go to the cell where you want the date to appear and type =TODAY() into it. The date will automatically be entered into your current cell with today’s date. * Type the following formula into a blank cell: =DATE("yyyy-mm-dd") * Select all cells that have text in them and format them so that they are all formatted with today's date. To do this, select cells A1 through B4 and on the Home tab on

The date function in Excel can tell you today’s day, date, month, and year for a given date. It can also be used to change all dates of a range of cells to another date of your choice. We will start off by creating a new blank spreadsheet and then learn how to use the Date() function. With the help of the Date() function, we will be able to select a date from a drop-down list and update its corresponding time automatically. Excel has an extensive range of functions that can be used in its formulas. These functions are accessible through the Excel ribbon. Some of these functions include: - Paste Special - This function allows you to paste your cell data into the selected cells with custom formatting. - Paste Value - This function allows you to copy or cut values from one cell and place them into another cell in a selected range. - Paste Link - This function allows you to cross-compare two cells, highlighting any differences between them. - Logical And - This function compares a specified expression to a specified value and returns TRUE if both conditions are met, FALSE otherwise.

The automatic date function is a part of the formula bar on the ribbon of your screen. When you see this icon, click on it to get more information about what you need to do in order to get the desired result. Dates are one of the most important features of Excel. It is vital for any spreadsheet to have the date feature after all. The way you insert dates in Excel is by pressing Alt + D which will pop up a date dialog box. From there, click on the calendar icon and select your desired date.

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