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Flash Fill in MS Excel

How to use Flash Fill in MS Excel

Now we will see that how we can use Flash Fill in MS Excel.

For example we have a column of employee name with first name and last name. Now we insert new column next to that column and in first row we write last name first and first name after that, and then we do similar for second row which will provide us all the rows in same format for this column i.e. MS Excel recognised a particular pattern which we are using.

Now similarly if you want to do this to any other call off then we can use the option of Flash fill from DATA tab, which will recognise a particular pattern and then auto fill all other cells according to that.

Shortcut key for flash fill is 'Ctrl+E'.

We can similarly do this to the address column, for example we just want City names of our employees, then we can use this option.


Excel has always been able to auto-fill when you use the find/replace command, but this was only in one cell. Now, with Flash Fill's data-driven approach, you can fill in entire rows or columns when your data is loaded into Excel. This is a very helpful tool for anyone who needs to fill in a single cell or area of cells. Flash Fill enters data quickly and reliably into Excel by copying patterns down a column of entries. The pattern is then used to create formulas that can calculate totals, averages, or anything else. Flash Fill is an intelligent, flexible tool that becomes your personal digital assistant. It easily transforms your spreadsheets, charts, and forms into dynamic, clear presentations. Flash Fill enables you to fill in Excel with the mouse or keyboard movements without making mistakes.

The Flash Fill tool is a type of predictive text that identifies words and phrases that the user might need help with while writing an email or social media post. It then generates a list of related suggestions and offers the user the option of choosing which one they would like to use. It’s helpful for copywriters because it helps them to more easily write content without having to worry about searching for words and phrases on their own. This saves time and also means more direct engagement with readers. The downside is that users might unintentionally choose options that are not appropriate for the context in which they were writing.

Flash fill is a type of text completion software that can be used in all sorts of fields. Some examples where it would be beneficial are: * Asking for an opinion on something * Helping with brainstorming and generating ideas * Generating text for a survey or quiz. Microsoft Excel has an easy-to-use tool called Flash Fill that automatically populates data based on the first few characters you type. Flash Fill is not available on all versions of Excel, but it can be found on Windows Excel only. To access this feature, open your spreadsheet and go to the Data tab's "Paste Options" menu.

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