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Flash Fill in MS Excel

How to use Flash Fill in MS Excel

Now we will see that how we can use Flash Fill in MS Excel.

For example we have a column of employee name with first name and last name. Now we insert new column next to that column and in first row we write last name first and first name after that, and then we do similar for second row which will provide us all the rows in same format for this column i.e. MS Excel recognised a particular pattern which we are using.

Now similarly if you want to do this to any other call off then we can use the option of Flash fill from DATA tab, which will recognise a particular pattern and then auto fill all other cells according to that.

Shortcut key for flash fill is 'Ctrl+E'.

We can similarly do this to the address column, for example we just want City names of our employees, then we can use this option.


MS Excel is a program that is used for creating work sheets and spreadsheets. It has a built-in feature called Flash Fill which automatically completes data in cells with the information from other cells.

Flash Fill is a new feature in MS Excel that was introduced in 2016. It is a data-driven way to fill out the remaining cells in a column or row. It can be used to fill cells based on the values of other cells, or to predict what value will be needed next.

The Flash Fill function is a part of Excel that helps users to automatically fill in the blanks in a spreadsheet. It is not an automatic function, but rather it requires some manual input.

A Flash Fill is a type of formula that can be used to automatically fill in cells with numbers, text, or logical values. A regular formula is a sequence of mathematical operations that are used to calculate the value of a cell.

Flash fill is a feature in MS Excel that lets you quickly complete a list of data by automatically predicting and inserting the next item. It's a great time-saver for common tasks like creating lists, calculating totals, or completing repetitive formulas.

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