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Macro in MS Excel

How to use Macros in MS Excel

Now we will see that how we can use macros in MS Excel. Suppose if we want to perform certain operation like changing the font style or making them bold or underlining them or changing their background color to any cell than we need to perform certain steps for that.

What if we need to do such kind of thing for or many cells. There we use macros option.

Macros is a series of step recording which can be replaced by particular icon or keyboard shortcut.

Now suppose if we want to make any macro of ours than we can do that by creating a macro.

For that we will first right click on our status bar and then we will see certain options of status bar, we will use macro recording option. We can also find it in our VIEW tab.

As we open it we will first asked to name our macro, and then set any particular shortcut key for it. Then we will ask to set the storing location of our macro, like for this particular excel sheet or throughout our MS EXCEL. And at last some description will be asked.

Adding description is important because whenever other user of our team or group is working on this particular excel sheet then he/she can understand that why this macro was made for.

And then when we finish adding our macro we will be able to see a recording sign in our status bar, which shows that your macro is being recorded.

Now from our home tab we can select our required task, like bold, fill background color, change font size or change font color etc... And then press the recording button from our status bar to stop.

Now we will apply our macro in our Excel sheet. One thing which we need to know that changes made in macro cannot be undo.

Now selecting any particular cell and pressing the shortcut key which we saved for our macro will work and change the format of that cell to our requirement.

So this is how we can use macros in our MS Excel sheet. It is a very useful function when we are working on very lengthy sheets.


A macro is a recording of your normal steps in Excel that you can replay with a single button in layman's terms. You work as a cashier for a water utility firm, for example.

A macro is a collection of commands and instructions that you combine into a single command to automate a process. Office 2007 is a newer version. For use on the internet. Bundle the procedures into a macro to save time on tasks you conduct frequently. You start by recording the macro.

An Excel macro is a sequence of activities that you may record, name, save, and run as many times and at any time as you choose. Macros allow you to save time on repetitive operations such as data manipulation and data reports that must be completed on a regular basis.

A macro is used to automate a job that you do on a regular basis or repeatedly. It's a collection of commands and actions that you may save and use whenever you need to complete a task. You can record or create a macro, then run it to repeat a series of tasks or operations automatically.

Macros are especially useful when you have to do the same task over and over again. For example, if you have to enter data in a spreadsheet every day for the next 10 years, it would be much easier to write a macro and just press one button instead of manually entering all of the data.

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