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Track Changes in MS Excel

How to Track Changes in a shared Excel workbook

 Now in this video we will see that how we can track changes in an shared Excel workbook.

So for that we will go to our REVIEW tab and see track changes option in changes column, when we open this we can see a highlight changes option, when we will open that particular option we can see a checkbox saying 'Track changes while editing. This also share your workbook'. We will then mark that checkbox.

Now suppose if we make changes in any part of our workbook we can see a different kind of highlight marked on that particular cell. Whenever we hover our mouse on that particular cell we can see when this change was made and by whom, and it also mentions about the change made from this to that.

Now we have another option in our track changes column which is 'Accept or Reject changes', which will show us 'Which changes' option showing when, who and where the changes have taken place.

Now suppose if we make any change then we will see an option of accept and reject changes in our workbook, this means that the change which we have done is accepted or rejected by another user or not.

Now to make all clear, we have another option of 'list changes made in another sheet', which will save the list of changes which we make in our main sheet into another sheet.

So this is how track changes in shared Excel workbook works.


Track Changes lets you compare what others have changed in cells and rows of a workbook. Track changes while editing your workbook, and then select the Highlight Changes button. Track changes in Excel is a feature that lets you see previous versions of your spreadsheet. Within any of the cells, you can click a button to view a previous version of the cell. You can use this feature to find errors or changes that were made to the spreadsheet, or even highlight changes.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software which allows you to make quick changes in order to ensure that your data is up-to-date. This article provides the steps on how to use Excel for track changes. Step 1: Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of your spreadsheet Step 2: Click on the current row and change it accordingly

It's important to have a proper system for tracking changes in an Excel spreadsheet because without doing so, it would be hard to find out which cells have been changed and why. Whether it's a person or a tool that triggers the change, you need to know what has been edited so you can retrieve those edit records from the database and compare them with previous versions of your spreadsheet. There are two ways of tracking changes in Excel spreadsheets: through formulas and through manual edits. As simple as this sounds, there are plenty of hidden difficulties with both approaches.

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