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Excel Assignment Q-2

How to use AutoSum

Now we will see that how we can use functions like Sum Avg in another way.

To get the sum of all the data written in left side or top of the cell then we can use autosum function from our HOME tab.

For generating autosum we need to click on autosum option and then press Enter key from our keyboard, but if we directly want the sum, then we can double click on that autosum option, which will give the total of the data in the particular cell only.

Keyboard shortcut for using autosum option is 'Alt+='.

We can use also option like maximum and minimum from the dropdown arrow beside of the autosum option.

This autosum option button is also located in FORMULAS tab.

So in this way we can use our autosum option for finding maximum, minimum and average value from the data.


Formulas in Excel will save you time and money by providing a reliable tool for all types of business. It Quickly and easily calculates things like percentages, ratios, and rates in Excel. Formulas in Excel are the perfect tool for that. Select a cell by clicking on it or typing its address. Enter an operator to perform calculations. Type the equal sign = to enter formulas, and watch them appear in your selected cells.

Conditional formulas can be tricky and complicated. Conditional formulas are the most popular formula type in Microsoft Excel. They are used to filter data based on certain conditions. Conditional formulas filter data based on certain conditions and make it easier to create interesting charts and graphs.Conditional formulas are used to make decisions or express conditionals in a sentence. The formula is “If…Then”. The “If” part is followed by a verb and then the sentence will continue with the “Then” part.Use conditional formulas to generate helpful output based on what you input. A conditional formula is a formula that returns different values depending on the condition. For example, using a conditional formula, you can determine how much the sales are after the first sale of a product.

Excel has many complex functions that can be cumbersome to use if you are just starting out with Excel. The IF function is one of the most important functions in Excel. It enables you to enter multiple conditions in order to make your work easier. The IF function is frequently used when there are more than two possible outcomes for a given situation. The IF formula looks like this: IF(logical_test, result_ifcondition1, result_ifcondition2)

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