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How To Copy a Formula To Multiple Cells


Now we will see that how we can copy a formula to multiple cells.


To copy formula we will select the cell in which the result of the formula is there, and then after we will drag that cell to our required number of cells where we want to implement the same formula.


When we'll drag and leave it, we can see that the formula had been applied accurately.


Whenever we copy any formula, we copy the reference of it.


In Excel, you can copy a formula by clicking on the copy button at the top of the screen and then pasting it into a new cell. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy a formula into your clipboard.

If you want to copy formulas to multiple cells in Excel 2016, then there are a few steps that you need to take. To copy formulas from one cell to the next, select the top row of your desired range and click on Home > Copy > Start copying. This will create a highlighted row with a live cursor. Click on the formula bar and click on the last cell in your desired range. Then paste it by pressing CTRL + V or right-clicking over the formula bar and clicking Paste from the context menu. In order to copy formulas from multiple cells, you can use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks for selecting rows and columns within your selection area. Once you have selected all of your desired ranges, press CTRL+A or click

1. First, open your word document and select all the text that you want to convert into an Excel spreadsheet. 2. Next, select “Text to Columns” in the editing toolbar while holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard. 3. After choosing the text to columns mode, you will see an icon with three squares - one blue square with a line through it in the middle of the screen. Click on this icon once to create a new column for each paragraph/sentence of text you have selected in step 1. 4. Next, click on the “Format Cells” link in the bottom left corner of your screen and choose the “Number Format” option from drop-down menu that appears after clicking this link twice.

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