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A collection of cells structured in rows and columns is referred to as a worksheet in Excel documents. It is the work surface that you use to enter data. Each worksheet is a huge table with 1048576 rows and 16384 columns that you may use to organise information.

Sheets in MS Excel are a great way to store data, organize information and create calculations. The sheets tab can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the bottom left of the screen. It will show all the sheets in a workbook and allow you to change their order or delete them.

Sheets and Workbooks are two different types of files in Microsoft Excel. Sheets are the default type of file that's created when you start a new workbook and they contain one or more worksheets. Workbooks, on the other hand, can contain multiple sheets and other types of files like charts, graphs, or PivotTables.

Sheets in MS Excel offer a lot of advantages. First of all, it is easier to work with them because they are already saved in the cloud. When you make a change to the sheet, it will automatically update for all team members who are working on it. Moreover, you can share your sheets with other people and collaborate on a project easily.

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