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Grouping worksheets is a powerful but often-overlooked feature of Excel that offers a number of benefits, from making it easier to find information, to automating your daily reports. Create a new group in Excel by clicking on the empty cell to the right of the desired worksheet. Drag the selected sheet to this position in order to make it part of your new group.

A sheet is an application that can contain multiple worksheets. Each sheet has its own name and location in the workbook. By default, each sheet starts out with an empty data set. To insert data into the first row of a worksheet, type values in column A. To insert data into other rows, click cell A1 and start typing the name of the column that contains your values or use the arrow keys to move to different cells where you want to type text. To create columns between cells, hold down Shift while clicking on any blank cell in row 1 and then click on any blank cell in row 2 which will cause columns B through X to be created between them

When you have a sheet with data, you may need to link it to another for easier referencing. There are two methods to link a sheet in Excel: The first method is using the References utility and the second is using the Link Sheets tool. Both methods require us to specify which worksheet we want to link our sheet to. The References utility: This is the easy and most straightforward method. We select our desired sheet and click on "References" at the top of that worksheet, then we choose "Link Sheet". This will create a new sheet that links back to our original worksheet. These steps can be repeated for as many sheets as needed. The Link Sheets tool: This one requires us to select both sheets and click on "Link Sheets" at the top.

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