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Copy, Move, Insert Data in MS Excel

How Copy, Move, Insert function is useful in MS Excel

Now suppose if we want to move, insert or copy any data in our Excel sheet, how we can do that we will see that now.

Suppose if you want to move any data from a particular place to another row or column, then in our usual way we will first copy that data and paste it where we want to, and then delete it from it's first place.

But in spite of doing all this we can use a short way to move any of our desirable data, for set we will for select which data we want to move and then more about mouse pointer to any corner of the selected area, and we can see that our pointer will change into a four way arrow like icon, which indicates that these data can now to move to other place.

Now if we want to exactly copy any data and paste that data at other place but also keep it at its initial place, then we can proceed with the same method which we applied above but just by pressing 'Ctrl' key.

By selecting our data and dragging it with right click pressed, we can also copy, or move that data.

If we want to move any data from a created table to upper or lower row and replace it with selected data, than we will apply sane method of dragging it but by pressing 'Shift' key along with it.


Using the Copy and Paste commands, copy cells in your worksheet.

  • Choose a cell or a group of cells.
  • Press Ctrl + C or select Copy.
  • Press Ctrl + V or select Paste.

Drag a sheet to move it.

  • In Excel, you simply pick one or more tabs and drag them to a new spot to relocate a sheet(s). To move a sheet from one workbook to another, align the workbooks (View tab > View Side by Side) and then drag the sheet from one file to the other.

  • In the spreadsheet, click inside the cell where you wish to enter the object.
  • Click Object in the Text group on the Insert tab.
  • Select the type of object you wish to insert from the list on the Create New tab.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Make the new object you'd like to use.

The following are the two approaches for copying data into spreadsheet cells:-

  • Using the Home tab's Copy-Paste option/icons: a) Select the cell containing the data you want to copy.
  • Using the right-click mouse button: a) Select the cell containing the data you want to copy.

To include multiple cells, click one and drag your mouse around adjacent cells without releasing the click to highlight them before copying. To paste information into a cell, single-click the cell you want to paste it into and hit Ctrl + V. (or right-click on the destination cell and select Paste).

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