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Copy, Move, Insert Data in MS Excel

How Copy, Move, Insert function is useful in MS Excel

Now suppose if we want to move, insert or copy any data in our Excel sheet, how we can do that we will see that now.

Suppose if you want to move any data from a particular place to another row or column, then in our usual way we will first copy that data and paste it where we want to, and then delete it from it's first place.

But in spite of doing all this we can use a short way to move any of our desirable data, for set we will for select which data we want to move and then more about mouse pointer to any corner of the selected area, and we can see that our pointer will change into a four way arrow like icon, which indicates that these data can now to move to other place.

Now if we want to exactly copy any data and paste that data at other place but also keep it at its initial place, then we can proceed with the same method which we applied above but just by pressing 'Ctrl' key.

By selecting our data and dragging it with right click pressed, we can also copy, or move that data.

If we want to move any data from a created table to upper or lower row and replace it with selected data, than we will apply sane method of dragging it but by pressing 'Shift' key along with it.


For Copying: A new way to write and organize text in spreadsheets. Copy all the data on the sheet by pressing CTRL+C.To Insert: When you click the Insert Button in the Sheet Formatting section, Excel displays the Insert Function dialog box. You can then use its options to find and select the function that you want to use and to define the argument or arguments that the function requires in order to perform its function. To move: Move function in Excel is designed to help you move or copy your formulas and data within Excel. To move in excel: Use the selection tool to select the cells or range of cells that you want to move or copy. Tap on the selection to add a selection border and then tap it again when you're finished. When you move the pointer into a cell or range of cells, you are not allowed to move them unless the pointer appears as a move pointer.

There are different ways to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet. One of the most popular methods is using the keyboard shortcuts that are listed in Excel’s help pages. One of the most commonly used shortcuts is Ctrl + A which will select all cells in the current sheet. Another shortcut that many people use is Ctrl + C which will copy one cell, and then Ctrl + V which will paste it somewhere else. The shortcut to creating a new sheet is Alt+Insert, and with this, you can call up a blank worksheet or you can create one with some content already in it. There are a lot of ways to edit Excel data on the iPad, but these techniques vary depending on the format of your spreadsheet.There are also other options like the Evernote note-taking app which lets you extract data from an Excel file and also export it in other formats along with other notes that you may have taken during the process of extracting data. The app will then import all of these notes into a single document that can be easily shared or printed out without any hassle.

In Excel, it is possible to select every other row in a data sheet by using the formula 2nd*1+1. An easy way to do this is to create a new column and use the formula =2*B2+C2. Excel has a function that can be used to select every other row. In the following example, we will see how to use this function. Let's say we have a spreadsheet with a list of 50 rows and we need to select every other row for some reason. The function is listed as follows: =INDEX($A1:A50,MATCH(ROW($A1:$A50),ROW(2))).

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