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Comments in MS Excel

How to Edit-Update Comments


Sometimes more than one or two person are working on same Excel sheet, so to understand every step which you have taken for next person, we use comments.


To add any comment to a particular cell, we will right click on it and select 'Insert Comment' option. After that we can write whatever we want to in that comment.


Now that particular cell with comment will show a red arrow on top right corner of it. This will help the next person to understand that this is where comment is written. For reading that comment we just need to hover our mouse pointer on that red arrow.


We can also add comment by going to our REVIEW tab and selecting add comment option.


So by using comments we can make our work book for our Excel sheet very easily understandable for the next person or next user.


Shortcut for adding comment is 'Shift+F2' keys.


Commenting on spreadsheets is an easy way to make a note or give feedback for your boss or coworkers. You can either type the comment in the cell or insert a comment from the home tab by clicking on Insert Comment. Commenting with a cell: The easiest way to make a comment in a spreadsheet is by typing it in the cell. Here's how you do that: In Excel, press Tab then Enter to move into the next cell. Type any text and then press Tab again to move back into your original cell.

If you would like to edit or update the comments in the document, please follow these steps: Click on File - Edit - Find & Replace Once you’ve opened the Find & Replace dialog box, type in a comment and then click on Find Next. The word that matches with the search term will appear at the top of your list of matches that are currently in your document. Select the word you want to replace and then click on Replace All. Once you’ve edited or updated your comments, click on File - Save.

A comment is a piece of text that is added to a post, an article, or an e-mail, which can be left by the author of the original text. Commenting is often done on social media in order to engage in conversation with other people who have liked, commented on, or re-posted the post. The most common way to view comments is through the Comments tab under Developer->Comments or by selecting File->Comments.

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